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Aromatherapy and Emotions

Level Two ( The Path of Nurture )

Pre-requisite: Aromatic Kinesiology Level One

Aromatic Kinesiology Level Two continues your journey into the energetics of essential oils, inviting heightened energy, vigour and emotional renewal.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the proper movement of Chi or vital energy through the body's meridians or channels is considered vital to good health.

Discover how to shift the energetic blocks that sometimes occur when we get overwhelmed with the rigours of day to day living. Learn how essential oils can enhance meridian flow, allowing the body to function optimally.

Begin to understand the innate wisdom of the body using advanced techniques to gain relief from congestion in the various energy systems of the body.

Experience a further awakening of your senses to powerfully guide you through life by nourishing, balancing and sustaining your core energy. Rekindle your inherent gifts and unique skills and then, set them in motion using The Essential Oil Reflections to balance your inner world.

Set an intention for new possibilities in your life by turning challenges into opportunities  as you stimulate energy flows in the body to enhance your health, wellbeing and vitality.

Topics covered in Level Two include:-

"Aromatic Kinesiology has been the single most useful addition to my aromatherapy and massage skills so far. This work has been a key turning point in my own personal journey."
 ~ Glenda Lindsay - Johannesburg, South Africa