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Aromatic Kinesiology for Healing and Transformation.

Published in Aromatherapy Today Australia and InEssence UK

There is no doubt that humanity is undergoing change and few of us could say that we are adapting with ease. Life is far more complicated than it used to be and we are racing down a road of development that is totally unsustainable. For our planet to survive we need to adopt a different quality of thinking and it is equally important that we listen as sensitively to our bodies, as we do to the earth and its people.

By definition, luxurious living is taking on a different meaning with the concept of luxury now embracing time to be, spaciousness, peaceful living and the maintenance of a sustainable and intact ecology.

We need to open to greater levels of our own self-understanding for that to happen. I believe the new criteria for evolution is wisdom and that survival of the wisest will become the new technology.

We need to repair ourselves now and put new values in order. As we begin with ourselves, we can extend that philosophy out into the world, for in reality we are one global consciousness. We are all part of the one mind, the one heart and the one breath.

Still in our infancy psychologically and spiritually, it is time to unlock our spiritual potential as well as attending to the physical and emotional challenges of living in a technologically powered society.

Thankfully along with the challenges, we have been blessed with an explosion of knowledge. We now have bridges between ancient knowledge and modern scientific research. Kinesiology is one of these bridges and Aromatic Kinesiology as the name suggests is a combination of two modalities, Kinesiology and Aromatherapy.

For many years, I taught Touch for Health at an Aromatherapy School in Melbourne. The questions I heard most often from students were "How do I help a client who is emotionally upset?" and, "How do I know that the blend I have created for a client is really going to make a difference?" It seemed appropriate to merge the two areas and create a deeper awareness of the journey through life using the emotional reflections of essential oils in a symbolic way.

Aromatic Kinesiology largely speaks to the part of the Self that is ready to unfold. This stirring of the soul is always motivated from within and is the basis for growth, development and evolution. Many people desire to make changes in their lives and it often takes considerable courage to re-work the patterns of our lives so that we can move forward positively in life.

Botanical Symbology

Throughout time flowers, plants and herbs have been viewed as symbols of life, love, fertility and abundance. Linked with religion, their healing powers were seen as gifts from the Gods and plants were often used in ceremonial celebrations and rituals. In ancient Egypt, the lotus or sacred water-lily was associated with the life giving power of the Nile and with Osiris, Lord of the dead. The Hindus believe the God Brahma was born inside of a lotus and it is still considered a sacred flower. In both Hindu and Buddhist art, deities are often seated on a lotus throne.

Bali has many ceremonies, rituals and an abundance of beautiful flowers. The significance of nature is so very powerful for the Balinese that they believe the sweeter the flower, the quicker their prayer will go to heaven.

The Greeks were the first to develop a language of flowers known as florigraphy with meanings for every single bloom used as floral decoration and adornments. The Romans then adopted this system and created a festival in honor of the Goddess Flora.

Over the centuries, flower language became associated with a wide range of human emotions, conditions, events and ideas. Art, literature and poetry are all rich in flower symbols that speak a universal language of beauty, colour and evocative scents.

In modern times flowers, plants and herbs with their symbolic and often secret meanings, have continued to be widely regarded and used in a variety of therapies as symbols of the soul to unlock our spiritual potential.

Flower Essences

Through out the world today, Flower Essences are used by therapists and lay people alike to facilitate change, healing and spiritual transformation. The healing powers of flower essences assist in raising consciousness by changing the vibratory frequency in the subtle energies.

The 'father' of flower essence therapy, Dr Edward Bach recognized that those patients of a very negative or emotional nature did not progress as well with their treatments, as those of a more balanced state of mind.

"Over time Dr Bach developed his system, activating the life force energy from plants, to alleviate stress patterns in the energy field enabling his patients to experience less emotional stress and be flooded with a positive vibration." (Kumara 1997)

"A flower essence is an extremely diluted liquid that contains the essence and vibrations of a flower. It is used to bring clarity to the conscious mind and resolve negative beliefs. Flower essences also directly effect us at the subconscious level where we make decisions about our emotions, health, energy, abilities, life directions and relationships. As a result, real physical change and emotional healing occurs." (White 1991)

Essential oils also have the capacity to create an opening in the psyche, enabling a client to energetically and cognitively make a shift in their perception about stress situations.

Increasing Self-Awareness

In using the tools available using Kinesiology techniques, we can discover how clients tend to experience their inner world when under stress. The aim is to facilitate a deeper understanding of our emotional patterns and behaviours, track how it is affecting the body and then make appropriate corrections. Kinesiology helps to clear negative beliefs from the subconscious sabotage programs that sit outside of our conscious awareness. An issue may show up first as a physical condition as the physical is usually easier to deal with at the conscious level of awareness.

There are many ways we can increase our awareness of our bodies and minds. We can change state in an instant by accessing the senses of touch, taste, smell, sight and sound. We can experience a feeling just by looking at a picture or remembering a specific situation. We can do a physical workout to energize the body and change our state that way. Fragrances of course can also effect us at the subliminal level. I wonder if you can bring to mind your favourite aroma and remember where the aroma seems to travel in your body when you smell it? We all have our favourites. For me it's grapefruit, the essential oil that initiates a movement away from feeling drained and toward greater optimism. When I smell grapefruit its light, fruity fragrance has an uplifting effect on my mood.

The Healing Journey

Your body was designed for self-healing and Aromatic Kinesiology is about the healing journey that you can take. Healing involves education, re-assessment, changing many of the conditions under which you are living and re-examining the structure of your life. This may include challenging your values, habits, aspirations, desires, behaviours, inhibitions, assumptions, beliefs, passions and even your relationships. You need to keep on examining everything until you find your own truth and then discard everything else that is no longer working in your life. Healing is a very personal process and only you can divine which kind of medicine is right for you. You heal toward the things you deeply desire, creating a movement away from any fears and concerns you might harbour. Sometimes, that desire for change and healing may be hidden or blocked deeper down in the subconscious.

Healing is discovering how to create an environment where you have integrity with yourself and the world on a daily basis. And to do that, you need to liberate yourself from everything that does not assist you, in creating the kind of life you truly desire to live. As you are reading this you may be thinking about what it is that you truly want in regards to your own health, wellbeing and life direction. Is there something that you need to discard from your own life? Do you need to change direction now? We actually don't have the luxury of time anymore to ponder too long over the things that we need to change in our lives. Life on this planet is precious and we need to stay connected to the things that bring us energy. By addressing the blocks that prevent us from moving forward in life we can awaken our life potential. Kinesiology is one of the best ways I know, to facilitate this awesome potential we all share.

Listening to the Body

Aromatic Kinesiology takes us into the world of energy and fragrance. Your body is already familiar with this world and using Kinesiology techniques it is easy to test the energy of the body. Kinesiology is an extraordinary way of obtaining feedback about how well your body is doing or not, in any given moment. Your body can talk and we need to listen in the right way to translate what is going on energetically.

Pioneering research such as that by Candace Pert, shows that many medical complaints contain a strong emotional or psychological component. Have you ever become unwell after a stressful experience? Most of us have an area in the physical body that becomes vulnerable when we are tired, run down or emotionally stressed.

In Australia, Prozac is being used excessively and sadly, it has been reported that children as young as four years old have been prescribed the drug. We want quick fixes which is not the way to solve our problems. Prozac and other drugs like it, suppress in the end our ability to deal with those very same problems.

Using the various systems of Kinesiology and Aromatherapy, our role as facilitators is to educate the body and the mind to function at a higher, more aware level. To be sustained more fully and deeply is far more appropriate than being "fixed" superficially and fleetingly.

The unique elements that combine to form the Aromatic Kinesiology approach are:-

Five Element Theory

In TCM theory the emotions associated with the Law of the 5 Elements are the major cause of disease. Emotional activity is seen as a normal, internal, physiological response to stimuli from the external environment. Within normal limits, emotions cause no problem in the body. However, when emotions become so powerful they are uncontrollable and overwhelm a person, then they can cause serious injury to the internal organs and open the door to disease. It is not the intensity as much as the prolonged duration of an extreme emotion that causes damage.

Suppression of deep feelings such as anger, fear, anxiety, sadness or love can then lead to an energetic congestion in any of the organ/energy systems of the body. Disease or unwellness may then manifest as a direct result of resistance to these feelings and emotions.

Emotional blocks about experiences, ideas or beliefs are the most stubbornly resistant, occurring at the highest level of consciousness and in any one or more of the organ/meridian systems. All essential oils have a direct relationship with the meridians and conversely the muscles commonly used in Kinesiology practice.

For example, peppermint essential oil routinely brings balance to the Stomach Meridian and its' associated muscle Pectoralis major clavicular. Peppermint enhances digestion and is also useful for the assimilation of new ideas.

Essential Oil Reflections

The Essential Oil Reflections enhance a person's awareness of an aspect of life that they need to change, modify or embrace differently. Each of the Essential Oil Reflections awakens the recognition of the pertinence of all our encounters and assist in reframing emotional issues.

Depending on the type of stress being experienced, essential oils have the ability to sedate or stimulate the nervous system. However, with Aromatic Kinesiology the Essential Oil Reflections are offered as a pathway to gaining an understanding of the journey through life. Utilizing essential oils to assist in the release of emotional stress and the negative patterns behind physical manifestations, the aim is to bring about changes to the physical body and restore emotional wellbeing.

The Essential Oil Reflections:-

Let's take a brief look at German Chamomile essential oil. Has there ever been a time in your life when you've felt that the life you are leading, is not the one you want to be living? This can be very draining and can have an adverse effect on the Liver and Triple Heater Meridians.

The use of German Chamomile essential oil and quiet contemplation of the Essential Oil Reflection, can assist in strengthening the psyche and the physical body in these situations.

German Chamomile Essential Oil Reflection

German Chamomile ( Matricaria Recruita )

"We must be willing to get rid of the life we've planned
so as to have the life that is waiting for us."
...... Joseph Campbell

"German Chamomile helps to loosen the grip of old habits, ideas and beliefs that are no longer useful in living the life you want to live.

Let go of things that girdle your life and move beyond self-imposed limitation. Explore the freedom in choosing new adventures, create a different consciousness and soar to new heights. Let the scent of freedom hover at the wings of your soul.

Are you living the kind of life that your life truly wants to live in?

German Chamomile is about letting go of the old or stale parts of yourself so that a new aspect can evolve. German Chamomile also heightens your ability to simply let go, relax and go with the flow when circumstances surprise you as plans change.

What do you need to let go of or release from your life to bring you fully alive? If your life were to speak to you what would it say?"

(Zeck 1994)

The Benefits of Aromatic Kinesiology

Clients often seek help from a therapist when they are under stress, to help them relax, to gain a different understanding of their issue and to regain balance in their health if physically unwell.

Therefore, it is important to have effective strategies for treating stress and the emotional components of physical ailments. It is well understood that mental state, both conscious and unconscious has a significant bearing on our health and wellbeing. However, often it can be challenging to achieve an effective understanding of a patient's mental state during a therapy session.

There are times when an aromatherapist may feel out of depth when dealing with very stressed clients.

Aromatic Kinesiology offers extra tools for the therapist, to assist clients to become more aware of what stresses them and what they can do about it. For the therapist this is a great advantage, as each and every consultation has the propensity to add depth, meaning and value, thereby enhancing results.

The relationship between client and practitioner is an integral element of this work, as trust is developed during this gentle life-enhancing process.

Essential Oils and Aromatic Anchoring

There are many essential oils that have an effect on stress. However, the fifty essential oils applied in Aromatic Kinesiology may not always be documented as the essential oils of choice in specific stress situations. The higher consciousness is drawn to colour, sound and fragrance for their vibrational healing qualities. The energetic qualities of essential oils play an important role in the stimulation of the body's electromagnetic fields, thereby activating the natural healing process.

Research over recent years now shows that there is a strong relationship between olfaction, memory, mood, emotion and thought. Essential oils have the potential to affect positive change through the olfactory / mind link but each person has a unique set of experiences that flavours their responses to a given situation.

Within the counseling context, aromatic anchoring can be valuable in changing present time perceptions, creating new options and allowing positive behavioral changes. As aromas, emotions and memory are so closely interwoven, essential oils have the capacity to touch the soul at the deepest most unconscious level, opening doorways to the deeper dimensions in our psyche.

The meaning we give to something shapes our attitude towards it. For that reason you will not find the same essential oil being required when people are going through similar experiences. Each person has their own individual and unique way of experiencing their inner world and therefore their emotional responses will vary.

The subtle quality of an essential oil can penetrate an area of our consciousness that has been stuck allowing us to view a situation from a different kind of viewing point. The purpose of each Essential Oil Reflection is to enhance a persons' awareness of an aspect of life that they need to change, modify or embrace in their life.

Quest for Authenticity

I believe as therapists, that we are duty bound to remain authentic when we enter into the healing relationship with our clients, moving in quiet symphony as we quietly brush the spirit of the other. The closer we are in understanding our own spirituality, our natural rhythm and grace will flow easily between our inner and outer worlds.

The philosophy of Aromatic Kinesiology speaks largely to that part of our being which yearns for love and connectedness, a deep place of quiet knowing, extending out to others and reminding us indeed, of the greater consciousness of the one mind, the one heart and the one breath. The qualities of the rose succinctly embrace this concept, creating a movement away from isolation to an experience of greater love.

Rose Essential Oil Reflection

Rose ( Rosa damascena )

"The lover visible and the Beloved invisible,
whoever saw such a love in all the world."

"Since ancient times, the mystical Rose has been used as a symbol of the soul, evoking the essence of spiritual renaissance and regeneration.

It is the nature of human love, to provide the pattern through which whole-heartedness and divine love can flow. Awakening the heart energy, the exquisite fragrance of the velvety rose calls forth a sense of deeper identity and belonging.

While making the sacred journey toward your own becoming, this flower of life and love spirals into fragrant celebration as you fully embrace the divine Beloved within. How often do you take a sacred pause to look intensely at the fabric of your life?

If you are feeling unloved, then contemplate where you are not being loving in your world. Often unhappy moments are really a mirror for us to learn a new way of being. Explore new ways of drawing love into your life.

Our most meaningful journeys need to be undertaken alone, in a solitary fashion. And yet, from that point of quiet isolation comes an alchemy that can transform our spiritual life. The word alone was once treated as two words meaning all one. Aloneness can bring a great gift as we take refuge in the sanctuary of silence. Here we can take a sacred pause, look deeply and authentically within and quietly caress a heart that is softly blossoming.

At this time in your life how does your heart blossom and grow? What is it that you love so much that it takes your breath away?"

(Robbi Zeck 1994)


It is important for us all, as we take a step toward our own becoming, to trust that our own progress will be aligned with any global needs required. For as we truly find out who we are and have the courage to be that, we can somehow make a difference and contribute to the healing that is much needed for our beautiful Earth to continue to be sustained and nourished.