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Praise for The Blossoming Heart

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"Robbi Zeck brings a fresh approach to the art and science of aromatherapy with her new book, The Blossoming Heart. Her aromatic artistry and engaging enthusiasm for Aromatic Kinesiology takes the reader beyond the usual application of essential oils to the metaphoric and symbolic. I would recommend The Blossoming Heart to all practitioners and students who are interested in expanding their clinical aromatic repertoire."

Dorene L. Petersen ND, President, Australasian College of Health Sciences Portland USA

"Robbi Zeck is an exceptionally talented and radiant being. Her work is exquisite, sensitive and inspirational. Every person can attain tremendous healing insights and awareness from The Blossoming Heart. It has been my experience that profound results can be achieved when working with her unique approach and development of aromatherapy. Your essence will definitely be enriched as your explore this beautiful gift that Robbi has to share. I encourage and invite you to venture into this magical and special realm that can be easily entered through reading The Blossoming Heart"

Ian White, author, Australian Bush Flower Essences and Bush Flower Healing

"Many people have inspirational visions, many people articulate very well and many people are facilitators of great renown. What Robbi Zeck has achieved with The Blossoming Heart is to combine all three talents and the result is a work of art that you can read over and over again. This beautiful book brings the gift of rekindling your own flame of inner beauty."

Janet Ryan, Aromatherapist Perth Australia

"At a time when there is such an information overload and plethora of repetitive information being published in books relating to aromatherapy, the unique style and mindful observations delivered in The Blossoming Heart are more than a breath of fresh air - they're truly aromatherapeutic "inspirations". Besides the other sentient insights offered throughout the book, Robbi Zeck's gentle wisdom and powerful imagery is adroitly expressed in the Essential Oil Reflections segments. This seminal work, which skillfully integrates aromatic science, metaphysics, and emotional health and healing, would be a valuable adjunct to both practitioners and students of aromatherapy and kinesiology."

Sandi Nye ND, Clinical Aromatherapist and Educator, Aromatherapeutic representative Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa

"Aromatic Kinesiology is a unique combination of essential oils and energetics. It is entirely appropriate that the creator of Aromatic Kinesiology is a unique person. Robbi Zeck is a gifted teacher and therapist. At last her years of practical experience can be shared in her inspiring book, The Blossoming Heart."

John Kerr, Director, Springfields Aromatherapy and editor of Aromatherapy Today Sydney Australia 

"‘What I have observed about Robbi Zeck is that everything she puts her mind to, is carried out with great thought, beauty and the utmost grace. I have attended many of Robbi’s seminars, including a delightful, women's spiritual retreat in the hills of Bali. Even here, she created the most magical and wholesome space for us to explore our inner being. The Blossoming Heart has been written with the same energy that Robbi brings to everything she touches. With heart."

Rowena Maine, Principal, Kinesiology Connection Melbourne Australia

"Robbi Zeck has written a passionate and inspirational book so right for our time. To enhance the effects of traditional talk therapy, The Blossoming Heart, encourages the use of aromatic anchors through the application of essential oils. These aromatic mediums can be helpful in establishing a sense of safety and comfort while a client strives to move through emotional blocks. The Essential Oil Reflections described in The Blossoming Heart speak to the intelligence of the heart. The essence of this wisdom tells us that deep within our own stillness lies the power to regenerate and to heal. Aromas coupled with the power of imagery can unlock these healing forces and The Blossoming Heart takes us beautifully down this healing path."

Dorothy McCall, Ph D. Lsw. Cert. Aroma.Chief Executive Officer, Kingsbury Fragrances Inc. Pittsburgh USA

"The Blossoming Heart is an inspiration for clinical practitioners and lay persons alike. This book helps to facilitate positive change through its gentle, yet passionate approach to using essential oils. Motivational with its refreshing aromatic style, The Blossoming Heart encourages us all to take the time for quiet reflection."

Christine Saunders, Principal, Asia-Pacific School of Aromatherapy Hong Kong