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Introduction to the Essential Oil Reflections

Melissa Rosemary Vetiver

The Essential Oil Reflections are metaphors for positive change and are the focal point of the teachings found in Aromatic Kinesiology seminars and Robbi's book The Blossoming Heart.

The story of each essential oil provides a perspective that can sometimes touch on the divine, touching the human spirit in such a way, that thinking and feeling become expanded, allowing an experience to be viewed entirely differently than before. Stories are the medium that transports metaphor and image into a transformative experience.

The symbolic expression of the essential oils amplifies your capacity to let go of symptoms, to transform patterns that are limiting and depleting, to restore balance and to open into a broader way of thinking and feeling.

The Essential Oil Reflections enhance your awareness of an aspect of life that you may need to change, modify or embrace differently. Each Essential Oil Reflection awakens the recognition of the importance of all your encounters and assists in reframing emotional issues.

The Essential Oil Reflections for Melissa, Rosemary and Vetiver are included to give you an experience of the way each essential oil metaphor can be viewed as a vehicle for transformation and heightened awareness.

I have also added two new reflections Fragonia and May Chang which will be included in the new edition of The Blossoming Heart