Melissa - Essential Oil Reflection

Melissa officinalis


"If you have only one breath left use it to say thank you."
                                  ......... Pam Brown

Like a beam of light on a dark winter's day, Melissa softens extreme emotions, eases resentment, gladdens the heart and engages the soul in its own graceful rhythm.

Reaching inward, caressing the inner being, the warm radiance of Melissa directs the spirit toward mindful reflection on all that you have to be grateful for. Breathe in the fresh, light scent of Melissa and let gratitude open you to the treasures of your heart.

The song of your own heartís knowledge will be revealed to the universe as you give thanks and offer blessings for another day of loving and living. Consider a daily ritual of gratefulness. Light a candle, burn some incense and create an offering with a fragrant flower to set the tone for your day. Say thank you often!

Melissa connects you to your place of grace. Give yourself the gift of listening to your heart and know that paradise resides here.

Blossoming Heart Affirmation

Paradise is an attitude of the heart

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