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October 2006

Greetings from Robbi

Dear Blossoming Hearted Ones,

I am writing to you from the gold fields region of Provincial Victoria.

Jim and I are on the move and soon our new home will be a cottage on 5 acres, about 1.5 hours from Melbourne. Life is 'renovatingly' busy and we are spending our weeks tearing up and down the highway to the cottage, putting in 12 hour days cleaning, painting and clearing the energies and then back to the city to clinic and computer. It is indeed a very exciting time, with much change and positive prospects for the coming year.

Interestingly, considering we spend so many months frolicking amongst the lavender fields in Provence, our new home is not far from Lavendula estate near Daylesford and Yuulong Lavender Farm at Gordon. Perhaps a little lavender planting of our own is in order and Jim of course sees himself as master of a few vines!

My clinic in Melbourne will be moving to Airport West from mid-December and the country practice will be up and running in February. In January I will be taking a leaf out of my own book and enjoying some time to be. This is commonly known as rest!

Currently, the essential oils I have chosen to support body and mind through this busy time have been Geranium to keep me attuned, Spearmint for invigoration and to keep my energies aligned and Nutmeg to revitalise when feeling worn out. These three oils make a very uplifting blend and truly assist in recharging the batteries.

How blessed we are too, in having dear friends as a team of support angels, bringing ease and lightness in this time of transition through offering practical assistance. Friendship certainly makes all our hearts travel lighter.

The Blossoming Heart - Published in Taiwan

The Blossoming Heart was recently published in Taiwan in Mandarin. My friends there tell me that Cantonese speakers will be able to read this version too. It is a great credit to my translator Sean who did an incredible job with the translation and to Can-June International who instigated the project and lent their wonderful creative hand from time to time with the publishing company. I am very grateful indeed for all the collaborative assistance I have received.

Tales of Turkish Delights

Our Turkish Aromatic Odyssey this year has to be one of the greater journeys of my life. Jim and I are in awe of the beautiful group of friends who chose to travel with us in this magnificent country. Stories were told, music was played, miracles happened, laughter abounded, joy resounded and our hearts were warmed. What more can I say......but thank you!

Please take a peek at some of our photos from this year's Turkish Odyssey - as they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

In 2007 we have a private group for our Turkish Aromatic Odyssey coming from Taiwan. If you are located in Hong Kong, China or Taiwan and wish to join the tour being co-ordinated by Can-June International, please contact us directly if you would like the details.

Bookings are already open for our 2008 Turkish Aromatic Odyssey

New Essential Oil Reflection - Fragonia

Fragonia is a wonderfully powerful, Australian essential oil and grown in Western Australia for it essential oil and hydrosol. It has a refreshing gentle scent and has wonderful anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, analgesic and expectorant properties. It is a safe non-toxic oil and well tolerated on the skin.

Those of you who have read The Blossoming Heart or attended the seminars will know that Aromatic Kinesiology brings a counselling perspective to a clientís aromatic consultation.

I have been working with several clients in the past year who wished to explore unresolved core issues and transform troubled family relationships.

The essential oil Fragonia has been of great value to these clients in offering a different awareness in their therapy, enabling them to let go of unserving patterns of behaviour.

The Aromatic Emotional Barometer chart found in The Blossoming Heart has four sections where essential oils are grouped under Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical headings.

Fragonia - Agonis fragrans is found in the Emotional area on the chart and the key words relating to this essential oil are DIGNITY / FRAGILE.

Because the main constituents in Fragonia,( monoterpenes, oxides and monoterpenols ) are almost in perfect balance the oil has a beautiful proportion, providing a platform to begin to change old patterns of behaviour and unwellness.

Patterns of repetition in your consciousness can keep you trapped within the limitations of your personal history. What was in the past can uncannily show up again in the present. These patterns take the form of grooves in your emotional grid and denote patterns of energy layered with emotional scarring. Fragonia gently helps to remove those scars from the emotional framework, alleviating toxic residue and mental static.

As we become personally accountable for the accumulative effects of our emotions, thoughts and attitudes, purification practices are required to burn off layers of buried negative impressions, repressions and suppressions that come forth as old blockages are released.

We all have the ability to mobilise our healing resources and Fragonia calls you to that place in your higher consciousness where you are connected to something far greater than yourself. As you build resilience, extra-ordinary shifts can occur in the psyche, where you can celebrate life, despite illness, dis-ease and emotional discomfort.

I ask clients to reflect on the following questions in relationship to Fragonia oil.

Blossoming Heart Affirmation

For a complete description of Fragonia and where to obtain it please go to my Fragonia Page

The Blossoming Heart Retreat in Provence - July 2007

For a journey of the outward variety, which will also embrace the inner wanderer, we will be offering Aromatic Kinesiology as a wellness retreat in Provence next year. The emphasis during this retreat is to restore your spirit from within and without, drawing on the magnificence and beauty of Provence.

The daily program will include uplifting guided exercises and teachings, time for quiet reflection and how to use essential oils as potent yet gentle aromatic anchors to restore balance, facilitate change and release unresolved stress. We will explore a framework for blending holistic aromatherapy with kinesiology, TCM and various stress management techniques.

This beautiful, energising, week-long retreat will bring the writings from The Blossoming Heart fully into action, as well as enjoying all that Provence has to offer, from the lavender fields and vibrant markets, to organic farm visits and essential oil distillations.

For more details please visit The Blossoming Heart Retreat

Calendar of Events

These are the upcoming dates for Aromatic Kinesiology Level One in Australia. I look forward to seeing you there and sharing the power and simplicity of this work with you. Due to other commitments I will not be coming to Sydney in 2007 so perhaps enjoy a short break away in another state and come and join us.

My schedule of workshops and retreats can be viewed on my Calendar of Event Page

Aromatic Kinesiology Level Two

My recent Aromatic Kinesiology Level Two workshop in Melbourne was an awe inspiring three days, made all the more so because of the number of amazing healers we had under the one roof!

I introduced Fragonia within a group setting for the first time and the group process that unfolded as a result was deep and profound.

"Thank you once again for the illuminating 3 days we had in Melbourne. The experience has brought me to a deeper understanding of 'self' and a stronger devotion to my path."
  ~ Maree Kendall Sydney Australia

Adopt a Penguin

People close to me know how much I love our feathered friends of all varieties. Aroma Tours is now supporting the 'Adopt A Penguin' program at Phillip Island, famous for it's Fairy Penguin Colony.

For just $75 per annum you can now support the Penguin Foundation by adopting a penguin of your own or as a gift to a close friend or family member.

You will be connecting with the heart of the Foundations work and be able to follow the progress of your adopted penguin and that of the Penguin Foundationís many projects.

Monies raised are used to build and establish a little Fairy Penguin nesting box that will enhance the safety of a 'penguin couple' and improve their long term chances of successfully breeding.

Longer range plans aim to build a new penguin hospital.

Thought for the Day

"When the power of love is greater than the love of power the world will know peace."
~ Jimi Hendrix

My Invitation

I look forward to welcoming you to my workshops and sharing some wonderful aromatic adventures with you during our tours and retreats.

If you have any questions please contact me at [email protected] and it will be my pleasure to assist you.

For more details about our Aroma Tours programs please visit

Fragrant Blessings,


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