January 2008

Greetings from Robbi

Dear Blossoming Hearted Ones,

Happy New Year everyone. I love the enthusiastic and refreshing energy that the New Year brings to us. An exciting year is ahead for all of us. 2008 is a number 1 year and is a new beginning for us all.

This leads me to what I would like to embrace differently in 2008. Now, I don't really do new year resolutions but I do love the idea of new you resolutions. What aspect of your "new you" would you enjoy bringing into being in 2008? My new me is a physically fitter me which I have enjoyed developing these past few months.

The opportunity to start afresh also requires the process of letting go of the stale and old. Perhaps you will feel the need to let go of people, places, thoughts, ideas, objects and also of beliefs and habits that are no longer useful. Be kind to yourself as you embrace the new. Imagine moving through this year being deeply in touch with the essence of who you are and where you consciously shape, each and every moment of your life. There is a quiet power and resilience that comes from living in the present moment.

This time of year also brings me to a quiet reflection of the year gone by and I have much gratitude for the many memorable moments in 2007 that Jim and I shared. I am especially grateful for every person who attended an Aromatic Kinesiology workshop, retreat or tour and for the support of the work that we do out in the world.

On a very personal note, that my own dear sister attended the 2007 Bali Women's Retreat was a true gift to us both. In fact, I gained many new sisters in that week and I am so grateful for their precious presence. Sisterhood and deep connection seemed to be the theme for the retreat which arose out of the beauty and quiet grace that we experienced there.

In Ballarat recently, I gave a motivational presentation at the fitness studio I attend, about SUCCESS FULL LIVING. Most people would agree that physical wellbeing definitely enhances emotional fitness too. One of the most beautiful essential oils to use for regaining emotional balance is May Chang. A simple whiff can whisk you away and change the rhythm of your emotional heart. Sometimes we can turn away from our internal heart light which is vital for emotional fitness.

What are some of the ways that you enhance your emotional fitness?
Conversely, how do you sabotage your emotional fitness?

The one thing I am going to embrace diligently in the next year is to stand in my centre no matter what, to be present and still within, even when there are external challenges.

Blossoming Heart Affirmation - May Chang

"I am the light of my own success"

Memorable Photos from 2007

Jim has compiled two pages of photos of my adventures during my workshops and our tours in 2007 for you to enjoy at Memorable Photos 2007 #1 and Memorable Photos 2007 #2

More information about all of our tours and retreats, as well as hundreds of lovely photos that Jim has taken over the years can be found on our Aroma Tours website

The Blossoming Heart - Second Edition

Jim and I are pleased to announce that copies of the second edition of
The Blossoming Heart will be available in mid-January.

The Blossoming Heart continues to blossom and grow and we are thrilled at the fabulous response the book has received. We are so grateful for your continuing support and appreciate the time you take to send us the kind words of praise.

We have a large number of back orders that we will be filling as soon as possible and thank everyone for their patience and understanding.

The new edition will include four new essential oil reflections - Fragonia, Lemon Myrtle, May Chang and Black Pepper.

If you would like to order a copy of The Blossoming Heart they are available via our Book Order Page

New Essential Oil Reflection - May Chang

( Litsea cubeba )


May Chang shines its incandescent light on all things, like shadows dancing on water. When you are in despair and at your wits end, ask yourself, “Who would I be without these thoughts of despair?” Question yourself relentlessly. Are your thoughts productive or non-productive? What personal story do you tell yourself that creates limitations?

Be interested, really interested in the constant unfolding of your soul. Find ways to switch on your soothe function. The only thing you have control over is what you put your attention on. Pay enthusiastic attention to what you desire and keep moving in that direction.

A clear awareness of your goals enables you to stay focused and motivated. Design a life you love and start living successfully now. Dedication and discipline are the common traits of all successful people. You can be living your life this way too. May Chang changes the rhythm of the emotional heart enabling you to celebrate your dreams and wins.

For the complete description please visit: May Chang Essential Oil Reflection

Aromatic Kinesiology - Melbourne 1 - 3 February 2008

"Thanks for a wonderful and inspiring workshop. Personally it was really enriching for me and with its focus on the heart, I notice I’ve moved to a new level of happiness. Professionally, I have incorporated the use of essential oils and kinesiology into my practice right away. I am so pleased to have met you – it feels a blessing".
~ Helena - Psychologist Balwyn Australia

The Aromatic Kinesiology workshop is about getting clear on what you really want in your life, living through your life's passions and stepping into your bigger dreams. it is for discovering your quest and choosing a future that inspires and is inspiring. The power of fragrance is utilised to anchor positive life decisions which come from the heart.....and energy testing of the body, to confirm and track the way ahead. Aromatic Kinesiology is a gentle process that honours emotional unfolding.

I will be delighted to welcome you to our group at Camberwell in Melbourne in early February. If you are planning on attending from interstate and you need help with accommodation suggestions just let us know.

Some of the information that we cover during a workshop:-

Aromatic Kinesiology Levels 1 & 2 - Ireland February/March

"Thank you for the heartfelt workshop in Dublin. I feel a huge level of openness and assertive movement taking place within myself. This is the first time in years I have felt so well in myself, a new beginning for sure. You have left a lasting impression on us in Ireland, as a person who is truly living the life that is within you."
~ Kathleen Dublin Ireland

I will be returning to Dublin and Castlebar in late February/ March. Bookings are going well for each workshop. People are coming from as far away as Canada and India to join us for the workshop series in Ireland. I look forward to seeing you there and also to sharing time once again during Aromatic Kinesiology Two, with the great group of people who attended the foundation program several years ago.

If you are in Ireland and wish to attend the Aromatic Kinesiology workshops please contact me directly at:- [email protected] 

The current schedule of workshops and retreats can be viewed on my Calendar of Events Page

Face Language - Ireland

Face Language - The Language That Speaks Without Words

This seminar explores the relationship between facial features and communication styles. Face Language offers insights about yourself and others like no other personal development seminar. Discover why you communicate the way you do and tap into the awesome power of non-verbal communication. This is a fascinating and humorous journey into the genetic programming of our behaviors.

As soon as we meet someone, we immediately look at the face for clues that will tell us something about the person we are meeting for the first time. Imagine the difference it would make, if within the first few minutes, you could get immediate insights about your patient, customer, guest, student or potential employee.

Learning how to read faces will help you to:-

This one day seminar is open to everyone - family, friends, co-workers, therapists and sales people. If you communicate on a daily basis at work and at home, then that just about covers everyone really!

I look forward to seeing you there and sharing a fascinating and insightful day together. Owners manual of invaluable information included.

If you are in Ireland and wish to attend Face Language please contact us directly at [email protected] and we will put you in touch with the workshop co-ordinators.

Spirit in Practice Seminar - Melbourne 10-13 April

"I cannot over-estimate the value of this unique workshop on every level, from business to personal. Robbi, your skill and wisdom as a presenter and facilitator shone brightly throughout Spirit in Practice. Within days of returning I have acted on many of my insights and my business has responded in positive ways. I would recommend Spirit in Practice to anyone who is serious about knowing themselves and their business better. Thank you."
~ Dallys Baker Aromatherapist Oxley Australia

"I was thoroughly impressed with the course content, the delivery and the areas covered. You really are an inspiration and one of the greatest teachers and presenters I have seen. You have set a new benchmark!"
~ Melinda Williams Kinesiologist Budgewoi Australia

"Get set for the seminar experience that will align your vision, passion and purpose in your professional endeavours. Spirit in Practice offers simple, yet very effective and efficient ways for creating business on purpose. 

Develop a sustainable vision for your practice through creating a business with soul and bring spirit into your practice. Engage your passion, enthusiasm, vitality and purpose to inspire others while maintaining your own core energy, with vibrancy and joy. Integrate business, motivational and leadership skills and take purposeful, focused, positive steps towards your Success Full Practice.

Spirit in Practice creates a deeper understanding of the role of the therapist within the therapeutic process, enhancing your confidence and innate abilities as a therapist.

I look forward to welcoming you to this unique and challenging seminar which has healing at its core. Spirit in Practice incorporates concepts of personal transformation and pragmatic strategies for professionalism and business success.

For more details please visit my information request page

Lavender Harvest in Provence

For our Irish friends we have created a personally escorted tour to Provence in July 2008. This is at the height of the lavender harvest and you will be absolutely enthralled by the breathtaking beauty, the dedication of the farmers and the spirit and essence of Provence.

Highlights will include lavender museums, privately arranged  visits to distilleries, lavender fields in full bloom, fabulous markets, wineries, medieval aromatic gardens and creating your own personal fragrance in Grasse at one of the perfume houses.

Please email us at [email protected] for a copy of the tour itinerary and we will also put you in contact with our dear friend Christine in Dublin, who is the co-ordinator of this fabulous experience.

Tales of Turkish Delights 2009

The grand beauty of Blue Mosque at dawn

Bookings are up and running for our 2009 Turkish Aromatic Odyssey. Yes that's right 2009! This year's journey was fully booked by the end of May last year.

We already have 10 people booked for 2009 on this wonderful and exotic journey, so if you think you may be interested in finding out more please visit our information request page or if you would like to reserve your place please visit our booking request page.

Bali Women's Retreat

Glorious sunsets

"I went to Bali on a whim, hoping for lots of pampering and some new experiences. What I didn’t realise was that my heart and soul would be pampered as much as my body, and that the new experiences would change the way I look at my life. Thank you Robbi for helping me to open the door, and thank you to all the other women for standing beside me as I stepped through. Every woman should have this experience."
~ Belinda Howard - Marton New Zealand

Our Bali Women's Retreat this year is already fully booked! However, do not despair, as we have been able to secure another week at our delightful hotel. Sally Rodd, my assistant who artfully and lovingly keeps me on track during our retreat, is as excited as I am to be able to conduct two Bali Womens Retreats in 2008. The retreat is truly art for the heart!

So, if 2008 is to be your year with us in Bali then think of the retreat as an act of Self-Care. This is definitely a time to stop, rest, be still and give yourself the gift that this nurturing, heart-felt retreat will bring you.

For more details please visit our information request page or if you would like to reserve your place please visit our booking request page.

Supporting Balinese Women and Children

Jim and I support various philanthropic groups and this year we chose to support a Mobile Health unit that provides pap smears to women in remote areas of Bali.

Also, we are supporting our dear friend Ni Made Asri, a well known tailor in Kuta and a past president of Rotary Bali, who has set up a fund to help bring schooling to over 200 Balinese children. She is a remarkable woman and I am inspired by her love and commitment. This is faith and love made visible and shows how one person can make a difference.

To sponsor one Child annually is just AUD $100 ( USD $87 ). This covers all costs needed each year and the commitment is for a period of six years. Asri will then send to you all the details about your sponsored child, including a photo of the child with their parents who will witness that the child receives the correct amount. Sponsorship means that the children will receive uniforms, bags, books, and have school fees paid for one school year. Asri also sends to the sponsors a report of the children progress each year. Fees are paid annually in September.

This truly is a one woman show and Asri will be so grateful for any support you can offer. There is no website for you to look at. Anyone travelling to Bali can easily visit her store in Kuta and she will be so happy to talk to you about her special project.

If you are interested in emailing Ni Made Asri about her work at the grass roots level then please email her at [email protected]

Thought for the Day

"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly." ~ unknown

My Invitation

I look forward to welcoming you to my seminars and sharing some wonderful aromatic adventures with you during our tours and retreats.

If you have any questions please contact me at [email protected] and it will be my pleasure to assist you.

For more details about our Aroma Tours programs please visit http://www.aroma-tours.com

Fragrant blessings


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