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April 2009

Greetings from Robbi

Dear Blossoming Hearted Ones,

This year seems to be sweeping along like a torrent and I thank all of you who continue to support my work of the heart and for your kind thoughts and words.

I believe that the current goal for us all could be to focus on how we can thrive and move beyond our limiting beliefs. When we are clear and connected to our spirit and passion we open ourselves to the potential around us.

Daily spiritual practice of some kind is essential to keep those energy fields humming along lightly and brightly. Essential oils of course have the capacity to do this in quite subtle ways and combined with consciously choosing to step up in the world and make a difference, your heart light will shine brightly.

The Blossoming Heart in China

Robbi Zeck ND in China - March 2009In March I visited southern China to run a Blossoming Heart Workshop and also to present a 2 hour presentation on my work to an audience of 500 people.

The lecture was based on my work from The Blossoming Heart and covered the power of thought, creating harmonious internal flow and using essential oils to enhance emotional balance.

It was an amazing experience to be in front of this large group which also included, journalists from national magazines and television, government officials and wellbeing representatives from across China.

A short while ago, I developed a series of Love, Grace and Gratitude movements that I am now teaching in workshops and to clients.

It was wonderful to be sharing this Love, Grace and Gratitude sequence with 500 people. It was an incredible sight and a powerfully moving experience indeed!

The Blossoming Heart Workshop that followed was a great success and I am very much looking forward to returning to China in December to continue expanding my work there.

Our host Xin-Yan is a remarkable woman, who several year's ago read the Mandarin version of The Blossoming Heart and as a result of her connection with my work and her desire to share it with others, was inspired to invite us to come to China. Jim and I felt honoured by the care and attention that we received and we were thrilled by the enthusiastic response.

Essential Oil Reflection - Lemon Myrtle

From the second edition of The Blossoming Heart comes the Essential Oil Reflection for Lemon Myrtle.

Lemon Myrtle - Courtesy of Mark Webb

( Backhousia citriodora )


When you desire to explore leadership issues Lemon Myrtle offers strength, vision and perspective. Often we turn to others for mentoring and coaching. There comes a time in life though when we need to call on our own inner resources and be our own leaders. Imagine being your own CEO. What directives would you give yourself? Lemon Myrtle assists in moving you away from self-doubt and draws upon the resources you already have to access your own leadership resonance. Inner leadership supports you in living an authentic life.

The word doubt creates a provocative acronym:-

Driving Ourselves Unconscious By Thinking

Resourcefulness and certainty are important aspects of life. Interestingly, most people are really certain of their doubts. Do not let self-doubt impede your movement through life, for when your thoughts get in the way you can become bogged down, crippled by your own negative self-talk. This has a draining affect on the kidney energy. Be rigorously committed to monitoring your self-talk.

Let Lemon Myrtle lift your mood and create an intention to be your own positive influence. As you discover and express your own voice this will enable you to teach others to find their voice. Leadership always begins within. To inspire means to be in spirit, literally to breathe life into another. Be the inspiration you want to see in the world and remember to always keep the music alive in you.

The second edition of The Blossoming Heart continues to be very popular and if you would like to have your own autographed copy they are available via our Blossoming Heart Order Page

Aromatic Kinesiology Workshops in USA in 2009

Robbi Zeck ND in San Francisco - February 2009

We are thrilled to announce that we have now finished preparing for my workshop series to be held in the USA at the end of this year.

After speaking at the PIA conference in San Francisco in February, all of our plans came together and we are so excited to finally be sharing the power and simplicity of The Blossoming Heart with our friends in the USA once again.

Embedded in this work, through understanding the power of fragrance, is the gift of love and beauty. By activating your own heart light you can change and flow through life differently. The Blossoming Heart moves you away from pain, stress and fear while utilising essential oils to focus on your inner light and capacity for greater love. Every person can shine their own bright light out into the world.

The current schedule of workshops, retreats and conference presentations can be viewed on our Calendar of Events Page

For more details please visit our information request page or if you would like to reserve your place please visit our booking request page

Live By Your Own Design

This one day, small group workshop is for those who desire to create a vision for Success Full Living, incorporating clear strategies for designing a life focus and how to keep yourself on track.

By defining your life vision clearly and with intention, you will inspire the sprit, look and feel of your life - a life that genuinely shines. We then look at ways to support the seeding, flowering and fruiting of your vision.

How would you live, if you knew that your life was an unfinished work of art or piece of music? Live By Your Own Design offers a discerning journey within, looks closely at what is important in your life through a process of contemplation, inquiry and gentle, purposeful intent. The powerful effect of simply recognising your uniqueness can be pivotal in directing the flow of your life.

We held the first Live By Your Own Design workshop in Ballarat in January as an inspiring beginning to the year ahead. May Chang was our essential oil of choice on the day to enhance the learning environment and anchor us all to a feeling of success. The Blossoming Heart Affirmation for May Chang is "I am the light of my own success."

The next Live By Your Own Design workshop will be held in Adelaide  on Friday 9 October just prior to the IFA Australia Conference.

Participant Comments:

"This was a powerful, unique and thought provoking day for me - I really enjoyed it." ~ Jane Shiatsu Therapist Melbourne

"I came away from this workshop feeling very positive, awakened and, some months later, I am still viewing life from a different perspective. It was also great to share this experience with my husband who thoroughly enjoyed the whole day. Thank you!" ~ Thais Creative Dance Teacher Castlemaine

My current schedule of workshops, retreats and conference presentations can be viewed on my Calendar of Events Page

For more details please visit our information request page or if you would like to reserve your place please visit our booking request page

Provence Lavender Tour - July 2009

True French lavender from ProvenceIn our September Aroma Tours newsletter we proudly announced that our new Provence Lavender Tour has gained the accolade of being featured in Frommer's directory.

And now, we are thrilled to add the exciting news that the world's premier bicycle race, the Tour de France, will be passing right through our beautiful village amongst the lavender fields during our stay!

Every year the excitement that surrounds the Tour's progress can be felt in the bars at night as the locals gather to watch the end of the day's stage and try to predict who will be the proud wearer of the yellow jersey.

To witness this great bike race first hand will be an unforgettable experience and Robbi and I are excited that we will be sharing this fantastic event with our guests in such glorious surrounds.

True French lavender from ProvenceSo for the Aroma Travellers joining us this year amongst the fragrant purple fields, our Provence Lavender Tour is going to be an even more exceptional feast for the senses.

For more information please visit our Information Request Page and if you have not already done so, we invite you to take a peek at our Provence Lavender Tour Photos

Bali Women's Retreat

The 2009 Bali Women's Retreat was booked out by early February and so we have now opened bookings for 2010.

Due to our busy teaching schedule we can only offer one retreat this year and it is most likely to be the same situation in 2010.

Many of you know that Bali is a place of beauty very close to my heart. Every year I am so grateful to be in Bali and recharge my own inner batteries in this lush green paradise. To share this special time with other women is always a highlight of my year.

Participant Comments:

"With heartfelt thanks for creating and sustaining such a wonderfully, nurturing, nourishing experience....seemingly seamless, giving loving attention to our inner and outer being, full of grace and allowing me release from responsibility to rediscover me!" ~ Jill Australia

"This was my third Bali women's retreat...and I thought the others were spectacular too! This is always the most rejuvenating, spiritually healing experience surrounded by the beauty of Bali and in the company of wonderful women. Thank you Sal and Robbi for sharing so much." ~ Rowena Australia

There are also some lovely new Photos of Bali on our Aroma Tours site for you to enjoy.

Provence Aromatherapy Masterclass 2009

True French lavender from ProvenceThis year marks the end of an era and heralds an exciting new beginning for our Provence Aromatherapy Retreat.

After more than 10 years of teaching for us, Dr Daniel Penoel has decided to focus his energy on his clinical practice in France and as a result, 2009 will be the last opportunity for you to experience Dr Penoel's passion, enthusiasm and knowledge of aromatherapy with us in France.

This year we are excited to be welcoming inspirational and renowned US aromatherapy educator Michael Scholes who will be sharing his broad knowledge and experience of aromatherapy with us.

I will also be presenting some of my latest work following on from my recent presentation at the PIA conference in San Francisco.

Participant Comments:

"Thank you so much for this incredible experience. I have never had such a good time in a learning environment before and I have made many new friends too." ~ Ayako Massage Therapist Japan

"This has been the journey of a lifetime on so many levels. Beautiful sights, fabulous information and wonderful people. Thank you!" ~ Ingrid Aromatherapist Australia

For more details please visit our information request page or if you would like to reserve your place please visit our booking request page

Aromatic Kinesiology Canberra Australia 13-15 November

The only AK workshop I have scheduled for the rest of the year in Australia is in Canberra at the beautifully appointed Om Shanti College in Griffith. AK was held there for the first time last year and the venue itself enhanced the learning environment.

Accommodation is available nearby if you are coming from afar. Please let us know how we can be of service to you, to ensure that your time in Canberra is warm and welcoming.

Particpant Comments:

"Thank you for all the love and nurturing you put into your special courses. How I feel at the end of these workshops is now my benchmark. It was so nice to feel calm, centred and comfortable in my own skin." ~ Jenny Sydney

My current schedule of workshops, retreats and conference presentations can be viewed on my Calendar of Events Page

For more details please visit our informationrequest page or if you would like to reserve your place please visit our booking request page

Aromatic Kinesiology - Ireland February 2010

Robbi Zeck ND in Ireland

I am looking forward to returning to Ireland in 2010 and continuing the journey with many of you who have attended AK 1 or AK 2 in the past.

My new AK 3 workshop will be completed later this year and will be taught for the very first time in Dublin.

AK 3 will cover many aspects of depression, how the subconscious mind affects the ability of the body, mind and spirit to open to all of its potential and thrive, the importance of self-love as an act of owning your power and of course I will be presenting some new essential oil reflections.

Further applications of the 5 Element theory of change and emotional flow, combined with using kinesiology as a way of hearing the body's subconscious voice, will make this another powerful and loving Aromatic Kinesiology program.

AK 1 is the pre-requisite for AK 2 and AK 3. The workshops can be attended out of sequence once the first workshop has been attended.

My current schedule of workshops, retreats and conference presentations can be viewed on my Calendar of Events Page

For more details please visit our information request page or if you would like to reserve your place please visit our booking request page

Face Language - The Language that Speaks Louder Than Words

Imagine just knowing what to do and how to say it well with every person you meet throughout your day.

Face Language gives you a range of communication tools to enhance your self-confidence, positive self-expression and offers a clear understanding of how and why people communicate in the way they do.

This interactive day is filled with fabulous insights and knowledge enabling therapists to build greater rapport with clients easily.

Thought for the Day

"Happiness is only real when shared"  ~ Christopher McCandless

My Invitation

I look forward to welcoming you to my seminars and sharing some wonderful aromatic adventures with you during our tours and retreats.

If you have any questions please contact me at [email protected] and it will be my pleasure to assist you.

Fragrant blessings


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