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September 2009

Greetings from Robbi

Hello everyone, Jim and I are now back  from our aromatic wanderings in Italy, Turkey and the lavender trails of Provence, where we witnessed the amazing spectacle and high energy of the Tour de France passing right through our tiny village.

We are glad to be back in our cottage in Provincial south east Australia once again to witness the awakening of spring with daffodils, the newly opened leaves on the trees,  as well as wattle and fruit trees in full bloom. It also seems that our long spell of dry weather is easing with plenty of sweet rain for us and our garden to enjoy.

Our busy year will continue soon enough but for the moment, the sacred space of home is the perfect place to be.

Self Care - Essentials for a Blossoming Heart

Once again our Bali Women's Retreat  was an incredible experience and now back at home I am reflecting on the value of self-care and nurturing. How important it is to truly make time for ourselves - everyday.

Often we put ourselves last after taking care of everything else in our busy lives. Just for one day, I wonder how you would feel, if you gave yourself, your own undivided attention?

What are your favourite self-care activities?

Here are a few ideas to get your creative nourishing juices flowing. And remember, self-care is never an indulgence.

Essential Oil Reflection - Lavender

The Lavender Essential Oil Reflection reminds us of the importance of self-care and being mindful of doing something every day to nourish ourselves at a deeper level. After all, if we can't commit to taking care of ourselves how can we expect to look after this beautiful planet we live on.

( Lavendula angustifolia )

                  Key words:  NURTURED / NEGLECTED

Lavender warms the heart and steadies the emotions through promoting awareness of the need to nurture oneself while travelling on the river of life.

Lavender honours the higher spiritual realms and weaves its fragrant, mauve magic through a spiral dance between the chakras. Gentle lavender provides a cushion for lifeís rainy days, encouraging a level of deep questioning about what you truly need to take genuine care of yourself.

Perhaps you are always looking after the needs and requirements of everyone else, to the exclusion of your own emotional care and wellbeing.

Imagine what it would be like to give yourself your own undivided, dedicated attention. Where there has been self-neglect and lack of self-care wearing away the health and energy of your body, Lavender brings nourishment and heartening reassurance."

Blossoming Heart Affirmation

     "I caringly nourish and nurture myself."

The second edition of The Blossoming Heart continues to grow in popularity and if you would like to have your own autographed copy they are available via our Blossoming Heart Order Page

AIA Conference Presentation - Crystal Lakes USA

This October I will be speaking at the American Alliance of Aromatherapy Conference which will be help in Crystal Lakes IL ( Chicago ).

My presentation topic will be:-

Passion and Purpose - Living a Visionary Life.

There is no more profound or more challenging question than how we will live our lives. How to live a life of greatness, filled with passion and purpose, at home, at work and in the community.

No matter what our circumstances may be, how we spend our days effects us at the personal and also at the collective level. We are each responsible for the discovery of our vision and purpose.

We all have the power to decide to live a great life, a passionate life, a life filled with spiritual purpose.

Aroma Tours will also have an exhibitor stand at the conference so please do come and chat with us about our aromatic journeys and especially about our exciting new Provence Aromatherapy Retreat - Skin Essentially.

 I will also be doing book signings throughout the conference.

Jim will be travelling with me and we are both greatly looking forward to catching up with our many colleagues and friends in the USA as well as several of our past Aroma Travellers who live in the area.

Blossoming Heart Workshops in the USA

We are excited to announce that after the AIA Conference has finished I will be teaching a series of Aromatic Kinesiology Level One workshops.


If you would like a copy of these details to share with your friends and colleagues please email me at [email protected]

Bali Women's Retreat

This was the 12th year of our Bali Women's Retreat and to share such a sacred, nourishing and nurturing week with a delightful group of fabulous  women, has been a highlight of  this  years travels.

I do believe that the synchronistic energies  of people coming together  to spend time with each other in the way we do is always significant. Each group weaves its own special magic in Bali and the desire of the beautiful women this year was to simply embrace all that we explored with a gentle ease. Our retreat week was heightened by a strong sense of connection, where we created a sacred space to openly share our collective gifts, to play joyfully and to honour the beauty that rests within each of us.

Bali holds a very special place deep in the quiet of my heart and after living in Bali for a time in 1975 and now some 25 visits later, I never fail to be affected by the gentle spirit of the Balinese people and the beauty of this lush green paradise.

Jim has created a page of memorable photos from our Bali adventures and I hope that you will enjoy sharing some of the beauty and serenity of Bali with me.

"My Bali Women's Retreat was above and beyond what I thought it would be! Robbi is an incredible facilitator, her art of allowing whilst maintaining a very nurturing environment is truly special. I have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending this life changing retreat."

   -- Megan Larsen Perth Australia --

Bookings for the 2010 Bali Women's Retreat are already well underway with only 8 places left and  I recommend that you get in touch with us shortly if you would like to join us next year.

For more details please visit our information request page and if you would like to reserve your place please visit our booking request page

Time to Pamper and Purify

Now is a wonderful time of year to recharge your inner batteries and put in place some gentle detox regimes. Entering into a new season with a pampering and gentle purification program will enliven and enhance your mood and sense of wellbeing.

Our retreat in Bali is the perfect place to begin a detox process and is as much about pampering the body as it is for pampering your heart and soul.

While in Bali, we eat light, vegetarian cuisine mostly, enjoy herbal teas, detox massages, herbal body polishes, rise early, exercise gently, sleep well, reflect deeply, laugh a lot and by the end of the retreat week we are positively zinging along.

One of my favourite Balinese detoxification teas is a ginger herbal Jamu - very easy to make.


Grate ginger and mix all ingredients. Add water and heat in a saucepan until just before boiling. Remove from heat immediately. Steep for 5 minutes and drink while warm.

Simple Detoxification Strategies

Begin incorporating some of these practices regularly into your everyday living to invigorate your body, mind and soul.

A daily meditation of twenty minutes, exercise that involves stretching and aerobic activity, daily skin brushing with a natural bristle brush before showering and soaking in a hot bath submerged to the neck level are fantastic ways to detoxify the system. Sweating always cleanses the body, especially the upper layers of the body and skin. It has been shown that long-standing toxins clogged between the skin layers are difficult to discharge with diet and supplements but can be cleared through sweating.

Recently, with a few friends we visited some hot springs on the Mornington Peninsula - this must be Melbourne's best kept secret - it was fantastic! Beautifully landscaped native gardens and tiny paths wind around the property. We went from pool to pool, lolling about in the mineral spring waters ranging between a very hot 42 degrees and a delightful 36 degrees and then to an icy cold plunge pool. This pure body experience is a wonderful way to detox, easy to do and so invigorating. If you live in Melbourne or holidaying here, it is a pleasant drive from the city to the seaside at Rye -

Managing our emotions is important to the detox process so we can live with balance and clarity. Our mental processes are an important component of our health and wellbeing. Detox can clear away years of emotions stored in the body. Recognising and releasing toxic thoughts and negative attitudes serve to provide an uncluttered spaciousness within. Massage and kinesiology are fabulous detoxifying tools when wanting to loosen the burden of toxic emotions and combined with the appropriate Essential Oil Reflection can create a powerful shift.

Full body massages with various detoxifying essential oils such as rosemary, grapefruit, fennel, juniper, lemon, carrot seed and celery seed activate the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins and can help to shift cellulite, excess fluids, break down fatty deposits and improve skin function. Add the essential oil from the Essential Oil Reflection to enhance your detox sequence.

Provence Aromatherapy Retreat 2010

Our Provence Aromatherapy Retreat next year will be focusing on skin care and wellbeing. We are very excited and delighted to announce that Mindy Green formerly of Aveda ( USA ) and Megan Larsen of Sodashi Skin Care ( Australia ) will be joining us in our tiny village amongst the lavender fields of the Haute Provence. This will undoubtedly be an awesome week of enhanced learning and practical applications.

For people who have attended the retreat in the past and desire a return visit to our lovely little village surrounded by glorious lavender fields this will be an entirely new curriculum devoted to skin!

Topics covered include:- History of botanicals in skin care, essential oil chemotypes and their unique applications for skin, structure and function of the skin, ingredients for beautiful skin, 12 essential oils for effective skin care, Sodashi reflexology technique for the face, blending essential oils to personalise your products, diagnosis of skin types, carrier oils for different skin types, cleansing from the inside out, mature, ageing and sun damaged skin strategies, skin soothers, skin foods and micronutrients, stress defusion for emotions relating to skin issues, relaxation techniques to calm the body/mind and soothe the skin.

For more details please visit our information request page and if you would like to reserve your place please visit our booking request page

IAAMA Conference Presentation - Adelaide October 2009

 I will be giving a presentation titled "The Sense of Beauty" at the Annual Conference of the International Aromatherapy and Aromatic Medicine Association (IAAMA) this October in Adelaide, Australia.

The conference has been given the provocative name "Feast Your Senses" and promises to be an exciting event bringing together an amazing array of presenters and experiences for us all to enjoy.

For a copy of the Feast Your Senses brochure please phone the IAAMA office in Sydney on 02 9715 5922 or go to

Living By Your Own Design - Workshop Adelaide Australia

How would you live, if you knew that your life was an unfinished work of art or piece of music? Living By Your Own Design offers a discerning journey within, looks closely at what is important in your life through a process of contemplation, inquiry and gentle, purposeful intent.

This one day workshop is for those who desire to create a vision for Success Full Living, incorporating clear strategies for designing a life focus and how to keep yourself on track.

By defining your life vision clearly and with intention, you will inspire the sprit, look and feel of your life - a life that genuinely shines. We also explore ways to support the seeding, flowering and fruiting of your vision.

The powerful effect of simply recognising your uniqueness can be pivotal in directing the flow of your life.

Why not ask a friend today what they think your greatest personal strength is? An objective and kind hearted comment from someone else can be invaluable in opening the way to the new, well defined you!

Let your senses be nourished by the aromas of passion, power and purpose as you take a look at what is really important in your life.

On booking, you will receive preparation work to bring along to the workshop. We will use this as a tool to discover or revisit your resources, hidden strengths and treasures which will enhance your vision for Success Full Living.

For more details please please visit our booking request page

Aromatic Kinesiology 1 - Canberra Australia

My final workshop series in Australia for 2009 will be held in Canberra at the beautifully appointed Om Shanti College in Griffith.

It is a wonderful venue and to have such a delightful ambient space to run the workshops enhances the  experience for us all.

Accommodation is available nearby if you are coming from afar. Please let us know how we can assist you to ensure that your time in Canberra is warm and welcoming.


For more details please visit our information request page and if you would like to reserve your place please visit our booking request page

Face Language

The Face Language seminar explores the relationship between facial features and communication styles. Face Language offers insights about yourself and others like no other personal development seminar. Discover why you communicate the way you do and tap into the awesome power of non-verbal communication. This is a fascinating and humorous journey into the genetic programming of our behaviours.

As soon as we meet someone, we immediately look at the face for clues that will tell us something about the person we are meeting for the first time. Imagine the difference it would make, if within the first few minutes you could get immediate insights about your patient, customer, guest, potential employee or student.

Learning how to read faces will help you:-


If you would like to know about my Face Language workshop more please email me at [email protected]

Ireland February 2010

I am returning to Ireland in 2010 and very much looking forward to continuing the journey with many of you who have attended AK One or AK Two in the past. The new AK Three workshop will be taught for the very first time in Dublin, following level one.


AK One is the pre-requisite for AK Two and AK Three. The workshops can be attended out of sequence once the first workshop has been attended. AK 3 will cover many aspects of depression, how the subconscious mind affects the ability of the body, mind and spirit to open to all of its potential and thrive. The importance of self-love as an act of owning your power is an integral component of moving away from depression. Further applications of the 5 Element theory of change and emotional flow, combined with using kinesiology as a tool to hear the body's subconscious voice, will make this another powerful and loving Aromatic Kinesiology program.

For more details please visit our information request page and if you would like to reserve your place please visit our booking request page

My Invitation

We look forward to welcoming you to our seminars and sharing many wonderful aromatic adventures with you during our tours and retreats.

If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected] and it will be our pleasure to assist you. You can also find more information on our website at

For more details about our Aroma Tours programs please visit

Thought For The Day

We are the measure of all things
And the beauty of our creation
Is proportional to the beauty
Of ourselves, of our souls.

  ~ Jonas Mekas ~

Love, grace and gratitude



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