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May 2011

Greetings from Robbi

Dear Blossoming Hearted Ones,

Currently, my thoughts and endeavors are turning towards our touring season in France, Italy and Turkey, so there is much to do at the moment. Jim is already in Italy and I leave for Paris tomorrow. When you receive this newsletter Jim and I will be with a group travelling through the gloriously picturesque Dordogne Valley in the SW of France.

Provincial Victoria is at its joyful best in Autumn, with the colour of the turning leaves leaving a blazing a red trail dramatically heralding the arrival of a new season. Long country walks in the crispness of the early morning, followed by cozy wood fires at night make this a special time of year and reminds me that the life of SLOW is good.

It seems that all around people are caught up in the busyness of their lives and that many of us are speeding along at an unsustainable pace. This speed of life is being felt not only at the personal level but also as part of the greater collective unconscious out in the wider world. Ask anyone you know how quickly their life is flying by, bringing with it a sense of chaos and exhaustion. During these times it is easy to lose our composure and feel disconnected from our inner home.

I have been pondering over just what it is that keeps us connected to our inner home. For me it's about simplicity, spaciousness within, listening, hearing, feeling into and being connected to spirit-nurturing living. Within the stillness and quiet spaces, we can feel all of nature living in our hearts and know that we are connected to the one mind, the one heart, the one breath and the one consciousness along the vast continuum of life.

Mandarin is one of the new oils we will be viewing from an emotional perspective during AK 3 - The Path of Stillness. Chaos and a sense of energetic acceleration can take you away from the stability of your inner home. Mandarin will draw you towards composure during chaotic times. Composure within helps us to simply be!

Mandarin - Quiet Composure

( Citrus reticulata )


"If you are behaving like a cranky two year old or an adolescent in grand rebellion then Mandarin is the oil for you. Break the cycle of any emotional addictions and put a stop to bad behaviour. Look at how you spend your time when you experience the clamour of discontent. Distractions, addictions, denials, avoidance! What are yours? And what triggers a movement towards those patterns of behaviour?

When chaos reigns and waves of emotion carry you away, bring your awareness to any unsupportive behaviours and don't let toxic emotional waste continually flood your system. If you are filled with unrelieved discomfort, ask yourself where your energy is not flowing. Do the actions that take you into composure and stillness.

Cravings can be fuelled by many emotions such as fear, anger, loneliness, sadness and insecurity. Often cravings or addictions stem from unmet childhood needs. Imagine holding yourself like a small child and soothing the younger you. Find a way to play differently. When it feels chaotic inside just stop! Follow your breathing to a place inside where you are wisely quiet. Use your breath to restore emotional equilibrium and settle yourself down. When chaotic pressure is coming at you from outside sources, do the same. Breathe!

Not all chaos is bad. Chaos can be the forerunner to creative break throughs leading to a very different way of living. Break down or break through? Use Mandarin to make room in your heart for what you struggle with and learn to be at home in your life. Enter into a different kind of relationship with yourself and be deeply committed to creating internal order and composure.

As you shift your focus towards your assets and inner resources while being devoted to the look, spirit and feel of your life, composure will be yours. When you are ready to move on from any reactive, addictive pattern, create a ritual of farewell. Say goodbye with creative, playful flair to that part!"

Blossoming Heart Affirmation

My inner home is quietly composed.

Aromatic Kinesiology Seminars - Sydney November 2011

By popular demand Aromatic Kinesiology Level One - The Path of Beauty is coming to Sydney 18 - 20 November

The Blossoming Heart series is heart based, with a focus on coming home to the truth and beauty that lives inside of you. Part of any healing journey is finding your own truth and discarding everything else that does not allow you to shine. All real healing is of a spiritual nature and the Blossoming Heart workshops offer a perfumed road home. It naturally follows that if our own light is shining brightly that it gives others permission to do the same.

Listen to what Elizabeth Williams from Darwin has to say about AK One:-

"AK One - The Path of Beauty, really does live up to its title....taking you on a beautiful inner soul journey and discovery of Self – Robbi’s workshops are encouraging and respectful of participants professional and emotional background. We have had a great response from our clients using Aromatic Kinesiology – they love it!"

Laine Dunphy - A Young Woman's Aromatic Journey

I am in awe of the leaps and bounds that some people take during our time together in a workshop. Any journey of discovery towards finding a new life direction and creating change is a wondrous thing to witness.

For Laine, who was searching for where to place herself in determining her career and life choices, Aromatic Kinesiology opened her thinking and feeling to a new path in life. As a result of her experience in Vancouver where her heart and soul fired up with the work, Laine has now embarked on a professional training program in the healing arts.

 Listen to what she has to say:-

"I completed Level One of Robbi Zeck's Aromatic Kinesiology Vancouver in November, with a dynamic group of inspiring people, and I can confidently say that the work we completed in those brief three days is still resonating deeply within me.

I grew up with liters of Lavender in the pantry and essential oils always being the first choice to soothe, comfort, treat or fix any problem that arose. Needless to say, I was familiar with my mother's collection of essential oils when I went into the course. I had a basic understanding of which one to reach for in different situations, what properties to expect depending on the part of the plant the oil came from and how to make a lovely smelling blend.

What I was opened up to in the AK course was an introduction to the powerful energetic qualities and effects of these oils. Robbi Zeck's passion for her life work is authentic, inspiring and motivated me to dive head first into learning this unique practice. Both my analytical brain and spirit were nurtured and ignited in the Level One course. It offered a beautiful combination of concrete methods to select specific oils with remarkably poetic and resonant reflections of the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical effects of them. Over the course of the weekend I felt myself open up, let go of stagnant energy and thoughts and rediscovered the feeling of balance with ease.

Since November, I have kept the Blossoming Heart book close to me and become very familiar with the 56 essential oil profiles. I am delighted to share the effective practice with friends and family. I am constantly amazed by the accuracy that the muscle testing delivers when it comes to matching the right oil with the right person at the right time. The client's response is almost always utter amazement at how the oil smells to them at that moment and how perfectly relevant the reflection is that goes along with it. I have experienced and witnessed astonishing results in emotional patterns, physical ailments, pain and resistance to change. This practice is both subtle and powerful. I am constantly self-testing for oils to support myself every day. Bath time has a new, almost revered status in my home. My diffusers are always going with something wonderful and well-matched for the day.

I know I have only scratched the surface of this incredible work. I am eagerly awaiting the level 2 and 3 courses and look forward to developing a deeper understanding and practice of Aromatic Kinesiology."

Aromatic Kinesiology - USA & Canada 

Chicago, St Petersburg , Calgary and Vancouver October 2011

Jim and I will be returning to north America in the Fall and are greatly looking forward to sharing the work of The Blossoming Heart once more.

Our wonderful co-ordinators in the USA Lynn Bartczak in Chicago and Sylla Shepphard-Hanger in Tampa, both have a passion and belief in the work of The Blossoming Heart and it is a great joy to work with them once again in bringing the workshops to the USA.

In order to ensure that the workshops go ahead as planned in the USA, we kindly ask our American friends to register before July 1st so that we are able to complete our forward planning - thankyou in advance for your  consideration. We are thrilled to be returning to USA!

Once again, I am honoured to be working with our dear friend Rae Dunphy to bring this heartfelt aromatherapy program to Canada.

We were so excited to be finally visiting Canada last year as The Blossoming Heart is extremely popular there and in total, 100 of you joined us for a heart-felt educational experience. Thankyou, thank you, thank you Canadians for supporting this beautiful work of the heart.

Due to teaching commitments in China in December we are only able teach in two locations in Canada this year. Sorry Toronto! We will be back to see you again in the future.

Vancouver now has 25 registrations for AK 2 which is the only AK 2 scheduled in North America this year. We so appreciate the supportive proactive approach and it truly assists us in our planning for this years blossoming-hearted events.

Aromatic Kinesiology Level One ( The Path of Beauty )

Aromatic Kinesiology Level Two ( The Path of Nurture )

The PDF's for the workshops can be easily forwarded to interested colleagues and friends if you so desire.

Bali Women's Retreat

This year will be our 16th annual Bali Women's Retreat and many of the beautiful women attending are travelling long distances to share this magical week with us in 2011. And yes, Bali is a long way from Canada and the USA but my goodness it sure is worth it when you get there!

To share such a sacred nourishing week with other women is always a highlight of my year. Bali holds a very special place deep in the quiet of my heart.

After living in Bali for a time in 1975 and now some 30 visits later, I never fail to be affected by the gentle spirit of the Balinese people and the beauty of this lush green paradise. I adore the Balinese people and consider Bali my spiritual home. There is nowhere on earth more beautiful to surrender to love and life fully.

The purpose of our Bali Women's Retreat is to create a nurturing and nourishing environment that celebrates life and offers pampering as well as an opportunity to look at life from a different perspective. We become immersed in Balinese traditional life through our various activities.......temple visits, spas, healers, meditation, yoga, guided market walk followed by a fabulous cooking class, the beautiful, gentle Balinese people ......delicious healthy cuisine, delightful accommodation and time for quiet reflection.

It is always hard for myself and Sally, my dear friend and assistant extraordinaire in Bali, to go home after just one retreat week, so we are thrilled and so very happy to announce that we have two retreats planned for this year. The first is fully booked and there are still a few places available in the second week......Bali Womens Retreat Two 12th - 19th September.....Picture yourself there!

Our retreat could be considered an act of Self-Care, a sweet pause for The Blossoming Heart and is truly art for the heart. The Balinese make thousands of flower offerings to the Gods every day and they believe that the sweeter the flowers, the more quickly their prayers reach heaven. In this idyllic setting the retreat sets the intention to open to the love and beauty that resonates in all of us.

Listen to some comments about our Bali Women's Retreat:-

"I can’t tell you how much this retreat has altered my thinking, giving me a sense of belonging and inclusion. A heart-felt thank you!"
 ~ Tory - Young, Australia

"It amazes me that it has been over 15 months since our memorable week together with those wonderful women in Bali. When I look back and reflect I still feel the serenity and the peace that the week bought me. It always puts a smile on my lovely Greek face."
 ~ Chrissy - Sydney, Australia

"I felt so blessed to have had the Bali experience. My life has been changed forever because of all of you and I cannot love you all enough for being there for me and helping me let go and accept your love during the retreat. I have never experienced such inspiration."
 ~ Connie - Florida, USA

"In 2011 I am returning for my FOURTH Bali women's retreat!!!...and yes each of my previous retreats have been spectacular! This is always the most rejuvenating, spiritually healing experience surrounded by the beauty of Bali and in the company of wonderful women. Thank you Robbi and Sal for sharing so much."
Rowena - Melbourne, Australia

My Invitation

We look forward to welcoming you to our seminars and sharing many wonderful aromatic adventures with you during our tours and retreats.

If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected] and it will be our pleasure to assist you. You can also find more information on our website at

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Thought For The Day

"Perfumes are the feelings of flowers."

 ~ Heinrich Heine


Love, grace and gratitude



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