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September 2011

Greetings from Robbi

Dear Blossoming Hearted Ones,

Springtime is now upon us in Australia and how I enjoy coming home to the blaze of yellow colour provided by the wattle trees and daffodils in full bloom.

Jim and I had a beautiful time away in Europe this year, catching up with old friends, welcoming the many guests who were joining us once again, exploring Northern Spain and the beautiful Basque country in preparation for a new tour next year and savouring  wonderful dining experiences and memorable moments in the gracious company of many fine people.

Once again the Aromatherapy Skin Care Retreat was a superb event and learning experience for us all, not to mention the incredible people from around the globe who joined us in Provence for this wonderful week of learning.

By the time this newsletter is released I will be in Bali preparing for our two Women's Retreats which are always a great source of inspiration and restoration for myself personally.

What better way to enhance the story of our lives in such a beautiful and heartfelt setting.

Obviously this sentiment is shared by a growing number of women from around the world, as next year's Bali retreats are already almost half full!

Rene - The Final Farewell

This summer while we were in Provence, Jim and I lost our dear friend Rene and experienced the sadness and grief of seeing someone for the last time.

Being with Rene's family during this time also reminded us of the fragility of life and how important it is to value and love every day that we are on this planet.

One morning we were able to visit Rene in the local hospital and I took with me a creme we had made at the Aromatherapy Retreat. To this I added Spikenard plus essential oils of Rose, Sandalwood and Frankincense. These essential oils are often used to assist a person's passage from this life to the next..

I massaged Rene's feet with the creme while we chatted and reminisced with him, and cried too I might add. He loved having his feet rubbed!

Rene spoke of being ready for the other side, "l'autre cote" and as we were leaving, he said, "see you there one day and blew us a kiss" - One week later he peacefully passed away.

Later we heard that after we had visited, Rene's feet were massaged daily by the family and they saw that Rene was visibly soothed and settled by this. The wheel of life takes us around and back again to the simplest of things.

How honoured I feel to be be part of this family's connection to the land; producers of fine lavender for more than a hundred years.

Rene will live on forever in our hearts!

Grief can teach us many things. It is a tough emotion to deal with and a part of our lives - always.

Spikenard is one of the recent additions to my Essential Oil Reflections and it seemed very timely that we could use it with clear and loving intention in France with our dear friend.

May it bring peace and comfort to you in your own lives as well when required.

Spikenard Essential Oil Reflection

( Nardostachys jatamansi )


"Grief touches us in a myriad of ways. Endings of relationships, attachments to ideas, thoughts and beliefs, career disappointments, life setbacks, natural disasters, destruction, death, loneliness, loss of health, betrayals, severing of connections to things and people.

There is an art to the process of grief and there are times when we are called to endure loss and woundings that are devastating. Many of our saddest, lonesome times, revolve around loss of love and loss of connection to things we have cherished. Use Spikenard when you need to rebuild foundations and call on your strength and resilience to nourish and settle the emotional heart.

When your heart is cracked wide open, with grief flowing like a river, place Spikenard on the crown of your head, at your forehead, over your heart and on the soles of your feet. It will bring you relief and create inner calm.

Spikenard is also useful to support someone who is transitioning from life to death, nurturing the soulís journey back to source, a compassionate allowing, a letting go, a graceful, comforting slipping away.

The rhythm is slow when travelling on the grief journey. When you are feeling stuck in loss and grief, be gentle with yourself and simply listen to and look for the lessons it will provide. Take your time, there are many phases to trauma and sorrow. Grief in its own right timing will take you in a healing direction. Pay close attention to what supports you in moving in that direction. Spikenard with its grounding, earthy qualities will help to create closure so that regret and sorrow gently slip away."

Blossoming Heart Affirmation

Breathing in I feel...

Breathing out I flow...

My heart is cradled.

Aromatic Kinesiology Seminars - Sydney November 2011

By popular demand Aromatic Kinesiology Level One - The Path of Beauty is will be coming to Sydney on 18 - 20 November.

The venue has now been finalized at:-

The Centre
14 Frances Street Randwick NSW
Phone: (02) 9398 2211

Limited accommodation is also available at the venue and is a good cost- effective option if you are coming from afar. There are also plenty of restaurants and great shopping opportunities in the area for fabulous add on value during the workshop.

Comments About The Blossoming Heart and Aromatic Kinesiology

"This was the most transforming class I have ever attended; it was pure therapy for the soul.

I highly recommend this to anyone from beginner to expert interested in using essential oils for healing. Many of us had emotional releases and we learned things that have changed our lives.

I use the 56 essential oil kit and The Blossoming Heart with most clients now, both in my practice and volunteer work with the United Aromatherapy Effort.

The techniques from The Blossoming Heart program are more frequently asked for than other techniques that we offer at the Veterans Hospital by both staff and patients. I see that this work Robbi has developed can make a big impact on our healing ourselves and each other.

I am honoured and awed to be hosting Robbi again here in Florida in the Fall of 2011."

~ Sylla Sheppard-Hanger Tampa USA

"I just wanted to tell you again how much I loved the AK workshop. It was fantastic and as always with your programs it challenged me and made me grow in unexpected and exciting ways."

~ Lynn Jordan Melbourne Australia

"I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful modality that speaks from the heart for all. Since last October I have started all my client sessions with the Reflection technique and the Balancing. With the Colour and Sound work I do it all fits in beautifully.

What I have found so interesting is that the client is often surprised at the Oil Reflection that they test for. In some cases there is resistance until I start to read and then it makes sense at a level they need to experience. It is an unfolding for them that is kind and loving.

Years ago I asked that all healing for myself take place with elegance, grace and ease. This method gives that for my clients as well. Thank you from my heart."

~ Cathy Gordichuk Edmonton Canada

"Thank you so much for AK 2 it was a very special workshop at just the right time with the perfect number of people. The processes were so beautiful and nurturing and all your additional information gave me wonderful tools for Aromatherapy and also for my naturopathic studies.

Thanks again for giving me the chakra balance. I had a lot of movement in my lower abdomen during the next days. Your workshop gave me confirmation that I am indeed on the right path in life."

~ Monica Witsch Perth Australia

"Since the workshop I am so much more relaxed with things that have bothered me for so long. Really, AK is magic!! I have used The Blossoming Heart almost everyday since the workshop on myself, with my massage clients, my beautiful open friends and just about anyone who will let me muscle test their arm!"

~ Sheri Zebroff Revelstok Canada

Blossoming Heart and Aromatic Kinesiology - USA & Canada 

I am delighted to announce that finally with a lot of grace and hard work everything is now in place to allow me to return to the USA and Canada this October.

Our wonderful co-ordinator in the USA, Sylla Shepphard-Hanger in Tampa (St Petersburg) has been working very hard to bring the US event to fruition and it is a great joy and honour to be sharing with her once again.

Thanks to Sylla's hard work there are now only 10 places left for AK Level One in St Petersburg.

I am also honoured to have the support of our dear friend Rae Dunphy in bringing this heartfelt aromatherapy program to Canada once again.

The Blossoming Heart has proved to be extremely popular in Canada with AK Level One in Calgary going along very well and we had such a wonderful early response for AK Level Two in Vancouver that there are now only 5 places left.

Vancouver is the only AK Level Two scheduled in North America this year. and we expect that the last few places will be taken shortly.

If you are considering attending one of my workshops in North America and are not sure whether to wait a while please note that due to my other commitments, I will not be re-visiting the USA or Canada again for quite sometime.

So please do seize the day and join us this October to experience the work of The Blossoming Heart.

Aromatic Kinesiology Level One ( The Path of Beauty )

Aromatic Kinesiology Level Two ( The Path of Nurture )

Aromatic Reflections from Provence - Jan's Story

Sometimes it is a little challenging to describe what happens for some people during our retreats and tours.

Here is a recollection from Jan Bucknel who joined us for our Provence Aromatherapy Retreat this June, recounting how life can change as a result of stepping away from our usual way of living:-

"I am writing to thank you both for inspiring me to come to the Aromatherapy Skin Care Retreat. I knew that you would do whatever you do very well, which was absolutely true. I felt it would be wonderful to share the experience with my husband, which it certainly was.

But I did not know ahead of time, that I would fall completely in love with Provence and I am now considering learning French. I absolutely delighted in the whole week with you. I loved the village and all the delightful medieval towns we went to. I loved the sense of history, culture and graciousness and those beautiful lavender and sunflower fields and the picture perfect French countryside nestled between the magnificent mountains.

You organised the week so well with a wonderful balance of classes interspersed with the other activities and I enjoyed being with this group of people so much that I actually missed everyone when we left. You inspiring me to go to France opened up a whole journey for me to return to California, where I had learnt and was given so much.

I loved and did everything I wanted to and needed to do. The connection with old friends was very special. At the same time it felt somehow complete. I don't feel the need to go back and I now feel more of an impulse to return to France.

My journey to Provence was exactly 50 years since my father took our family around the world in 1961 when I was just a young girl of 11. So it seemed significant somehow and also a real gift to me that I was free to do this after so many years of looking after my parents. I happily cared for them with love but now I felt free to fly and knew they would be very happy for me also.

So thank you both so much for all that you do and have done and for inspiring this journey. It truly was an experience of the heart."

~ Jan Bucknell Melbourne Australia

Robbi Returns to Ireland - February / March 2012

2012 marks my fifth visit to Ireland teaching at The Obus Wellness Centre in Leixlip, Dublin.

A beautiful heartfelt space for an incredible learning experience!

I love teaching in Ireland, people come from all over UK, Europe and Ireland to attend the workshops ( even Canada and India one year ) and so we enjoy quite an eclectic range of skills and knowledge shared during the program.

There are several accommodation options available in Leixlip all within walking distance of the venue.

Christine Courtney our workshop sponsor and her wonderful team will be happy to assist you with these details.

My Invitation

We look forward to welcoming you to our seminars and sharing many wonderful aromatic adventures with you during our tours and retreats.

If you you would like to join us, all you need to do is visit my booking page at

If you have any questions please contact us at [email protected] and it will be our pleasure to assist you. You can also find more information on our website at

For more details about our Aroma Tours programs please visit

Thought For The Day

"Life is the flower for which honey is the love"

 ~ Victor Hugo


Love, grace and gratitude



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