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December 2011

Greetings from Robbi

Dear Blossoming Hearted Ones,

Here we are once again at the close of a very busy year.

December is a time of traditions and for me this year marks the 20th Christmas gathering of our women's group  - dear women friends whom I hold close to my heart. Twenty years! A remarkable thing really to have belonged to a group for this length of time where we have shared our stories, witnessed our pains and celebrated our joys - a beautiful history woven into the very fabric of our lives. Moments of tradition are at the very heart of all our journeys through life.

December is also a good time to reflect on what the year has held for each of us and then look at how we wish to express ourselves in the coming year.

The more consciously we are attuned to life, choosing to live in a state of gratitude and enjoying every moment, the more easily we can maintain our rhythms of wellness. Staying connected to the deeper part of ourselves can be a delicious dive into our inner home and dedicated self-care is an important part of this.

As the year comes to a close why not make decisions in life that support your wellbeing and keep you connected to your core. What could be more simple? Or more easily forgotten? Where will you put your energy in 2012? My focus will be on love, grace and gratitude. Take a gratitude pause everyday and acknowledge one thing you are grateful for on any given day. Build up your our own gratitude bank account. Imagine your gratitude developing and filling you with a great attitude. Gratitude = Great Attitude!

Aromatic Kinesiology - The Power of Story

Our stories are at the very heart of what we experience, explore and celebrate during each Aromatic Kinesiology workshop.

Stories and narratives are a part of life and always in the background of everyday conversations. The stories we tell ourselves reflect our hidden inner world and shape the decisions we make and the actions we take. Stories can provide a powerful context for creating meaning about our lives and act as a bridge from what holds us back, to moving towards what we really want.

The Blossoming Heart and Aromatic Kinesiology seminars largely speak to the part of the self that is ready to unfold. This stirring of the soul is always motivated from within and is the basis for growth, development and evolution. Lasting transformation always evolves from deeper changes within and is influenced by the age-old technologies of collective integrity and wisdom.

Essential oils are such strenghtening companions for the healing journey. The most primal part of the brain, the limbic system, or what is referred to as the ‘emotional brain’, responds to aromas in an instinctive way.

 Research has shown that there is a direct link between the heart and the limbic system and that the heart has its own intelligence. The heart responds to messages sent to it from the emotional brain and then calls on the brain to make appropriate responses.

When the pathway between the heart and brain is clear, our resistance to change is lessened, encouraging a movement towards all that is whole.

It takes courage to explore the feelings and the various events that have been recorded in the abundant library of the sub-conscious mind. Everything we have ever experienced is documented there.

My experience with essential oils has shown me over and over again, that the emotional brain and the heart are quietly influenced by fragrance. When an aroma is linked with The Essential Oil Reflections the heart-light simply switches on and stays that way - shining and bright.

Words can heal and new stories will be created as you change the quality of your internal communications. Kind and loving words to yourself do have an impact and one positive story can change your life for the better.

Cathy Gordichuk Counsellor - Edmonton Canada - Her Story

 "Things have been wonderful since AK 2 in Vancouver October 2011. My clients are so appreciating the new techniques I learned. What I love about this work is how multi-dimensional it is, one does not have to do it all at once. There is also room for intuitive creativity. Just today I had a client who tested for Spruce and Palmarosa. It tied in with the Time Line therapy we were going to do and then didn't have to! She had cleared it!"

Cathy's Story Unfolds October 2010

"I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful modality that speaks from the heart for all.

Since AK One, I have started all my client sessions with the Reflection technique and the Balancing. With the Colour and Sound work I do, it all fits in beautifully. What I have found so interesting is that the client is often surprised at the Oil Reflection that they test for. In some cases there is resistance until I start to read and then it makes sense at a level they need to experience. It is an unfolding for them that is kind and loving.

Years ago I asked that all healing for myself take place with elegance, grace and ease. This method gives that for my clients as well.

Thank you too for sharing your sister's personal story about the adoption of her firstborn son. I was the one who came up to you after to tell you that I had the same story. Well, Robbi, I did what your sister did. Every day, with the intention of connecting with my adopted son, I did Love, Grace and Gratitude affirmations. There was a feeling for me that Mother's Day would be the day. My birthday was just before Mother's Day and that is when I found him. On Face Book of all things.

Brett is so open to learning about his birth family and the synchronicity between us and my other two sons is uncanny. They are leading similar lives with similar likes, activities and so on. Right down to favourite music. He also is the spitting image of both of my other sons. Redheads all of us!

What else is fabulous? He lives in Vancouver. I will get to meet him in person when I come for Level 2. So exciting for both of us! Thank you from my heart Robbi."

The Story Continues October 2011

 "Level 2 of the Blossoming Heart was more than I ever thought it could be. It was wonderful to connect with friends from Level 1 and the new techniques are of such value to my clients and to myself.

It was doubly exciting for me because I met my son on the Saturday night of our weekend. Before leaving to catch the train to downtown Vancouver I was hit with a wave of "something" I could not describe. To have so many emotions firing off inside of me at once was something I had never experienced before.

One of the classmates was handy and I asked her to accompany me outside in the hallway to do a balance of any kind for me! She held my Essential Oil Reflection Points and did a bit of her own magic and I came into a loving balance that fortified me and energized me.

The butterflies were there and as soon as I saw Brett, my son, I paused in mid-step knowing that my life would now be different. As soon as I touched his arm he opened his arms and took me into a huge hug. The rest of the evening was truly of the heart. I told him of the Love, Grace and Gratitude ritual I had been doing and he loved it.

We have formed a relationship that has healed both of our hearts. A part of mine had been closed over without having any healing done for it. And now it feels complete. For both of us.

Being with the AK group over the weekend supported me although only a very few knew of the details.

To call this workshop The Path of Nurture was so divine. Thank you from my heart Robbi. Your teachings are truly inspiring."

Upcoming Workshops for 2012

The Aromatic Kinesiology workshop series focuses on coming home to the truth and beauty that lives inside of you.

 Let 2012 be the year where your heart-light shines brightly and allow your light to encourage the light in others to shine brightly too. What a powerful and beautiful way to move through our lives.

Aromatic Kinesiology is designed to give you a rich experience of the concepts found in The Blossoming Heart. Your experience of the work will be a process of self-discovery which involves shining a light on your inner awareness, so that indeed your heart can truly blossom.

When we live from a place of possibility we can transform our lives in so many ways. Inspiration comes from everywhere and the power of essential oils, positve thinking and love, grace and gratitude, open us to life's potential.

You will leave each workshop with your heart full, feeling connected, peaceful and quietly confident with a set of unique and elegant skills to use out in the wider world.

What Others are Saying about this Work


A wonderful experience. Whether you are looking for techniques to help your clients, or are seeking a fuller and happier life for yourself, this workshop can help. Robbi is a wonderful teacher who generously shares very simple and effective kinesiology testing techniques and her intuitive abilities in relation to the mood enhancing and emotional properties of essential oils. Robbi is a world-class teacher, demonstrated by the fact that a full 50% of the workshop participants travelled internationally – from USA, Canada and the UK, specifically to attend the workshop.
 ~ Jean Callinan Dublin Ireland

The Blossoming Heart book will be my constant companion in my journey through life!!! After AK one I did not feel confident to use the work with my clients....AK 2 was my “Ah Ha” moment. I realized I don’t need to be an expert; it’s not about perfection as long as it’s coming from an open & caring heart and with healing intention. It’s really made a difference to my work…thank you! Along with the many self-care procedures gleaned from AK Two, I joined a weekly yoga class and incorporated into my morning routine the love, grace & gratitude sequence……I feel amazing!! I look forward to seeing you again in AK 3. ~ Cyndie Sekora Devon Canada

 I am writing to say a big thank you for the change that has occurred in my life. I remember reading different testimonials, before attending about how life changing doing the workshop was to some people. Well, I can certainly add to that list.Since attending the course I have been meditating daily something I had not done in a long time. It certainly changes one's view of life and everything flows so much smoother and without so much drama. I am now feeling more happiness. The tinge of sadness that I had had for years before attending your course has now gone. I feel much calmer and at peace with myself and also more confident in myself.
 ~ Kala Pearce Brisbane Australia

 My life is wonderful - every day has a new suprise - I enjoy searching for balance and find it in so many ways. The newsletters you send are inspiring and I often refer to your beautiful words. My life changed after the time I spent on your course in Auckland a number of years ago - so many good things have continued to come my way. Thank you and fragrant blessings to you and Jim. ~ Helen Harrowfield Auckland New Zealand

One Day Events in Dublin 2012

Face Language - Tuesday 28 February

This seminar explores the relationship between facial features and communication styles. Face Language offers insights about yourself and others like no other personal development seminar.

Discover why you communicate the way you do and tap into the awesome power of non-verbal communication. This is a fascinating and humorous journey into the genetic programming of our behaviours.

As soon as we meet someone, we immediately look at the face for clues that will tell us something about the person we are meeting for the first time. Imagine the difference it would make, if within the first few minutes you could get immediate insights about your patient,customer, guest, student or potential employee.

And imagine how your personal relationships would benefit from knowing this information as you seek to understand, gain clarity and be more tuned in to those you love. Learning how to read faces will help you:-

Living By Your Own Design - Wednesday 29 February

This is a powerful way to set your course for the year ahead and beyond - switch on your abundance and brilliance!

Living By Your Own Design is for those who desire to create a vision for Success Full Living. It offers a discerning journey within,looks closely at what is important in your life through a process of contemplation, inquiry and joyful purposeful intent.

By defining your life vision clearly and with intention, you will inspire the sprit, look and feel of your life - a life that genuinely shines. The powerful effect of simply recognising your uniqueness can be pivotal in directing the flow of your life.

Why not ask a friend today what they think your greatest personal strength is? An objective and kindhearted comment from someone else can be invaluable in opening the way to the new, well defined you!

Let your senses be nourished by passion, power and purpose as you take a look at what is really important in your life.

On booking, you will receive preparation work to bring along to the workshop. We will use this as a tool to discover or revisit your resources, hidden strengths and treasures which will enhance your vision for Success Full Living

Aromatic Festive Fare

My dear friend Wendy Norman, aromatherapist extraordinaire from Adelaide shared this fantastic semi-freddo recipe with me a while back - the perfect aromatic delight to enjoy with your Christmas Pud! Gluten free too if Pud is not your thing. It serves 10.

I added some rose water purchased during our beautiful Turkish Aromatic Odyssey to enhance this mouth wateringly, refreshing dessert.


3 passionfruit
1 punnet of strawberries
2 teaspoons rose water
1 tablesppon icing sugar-sifted
quarter cup sugar
3 free range eggs
560 grams vanilla yoghurt
Extra punnet of strawberries marinated with rose water and a little sugar


Line a loaf tin with plastic cling wrap. Leave enough to hang over the sides to fold over and enclose the semi-freddo.

Spread passionfruit pulp over the base.

Slice strawberries and coursely puree them through a sieve. Stir in the rose water and then the icing sugar until combined through.

Using an electric beater, beat the eggs and sugar for 5 minutes until pale and thick. Gently stir this mixture through the yoghurt. Pour into the prepared loaf tin.

Gently spoon dollops of the strawberry mixture over the yoghurt. It will sink slightly.

Fold the plastic cling wrap over the loaf tin and freeze overnight.

20 minutes before you are ready to serve, transfer your semi-freddo from the freezer to the fridge. This allows it to soften slightly.

Unfold the plastic wrap and turn the semi-freddo out onto a plate. Serve with your Pud and rosewater marinated strawberries.

Voila! Delicious! Happy holidays!

Christmas Tithing

If this time of year is all too much and you feel harried, hurried and harrassed by the expectation of all that gift giving and receiving gifts you don't really need or want, then please consider enriching your Christmas by giving in other ways. May your kindness bring peace and comfort to many! 

My Invitation

We look forward to welcoming you and sharing the work of The Blossoming Heart in the near future.

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If you have any questions or if you would like us to assist you personally with any other details please contact us by email at [email protected]

Thought For The Day

"Remember to show the people you love, your love."

 ~ Rose Essential Oil Reflection - Robbi Zeck


Love, grace and gratitude,



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