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January 2012

Greetings from Robbi

Dear Blossoming Hearted Ones,

Welcome to 2012.

Jim and I have been enjoying a delightfully social summer connecting with dear friends, creating fabulous meals shared at our long table under the shade of the wattle tree on our deck and painting our little studio in the garden - a hideaway for yours truly, offering beauty and solitude ..... a quiet place to write, reflect and enjoy time once again with beloved clients.

Happy Chinese New Year - Kung Hei Fat Choi.  Viewed by many as an auspcious and powerful year, a Dragon year brings with it protection and heavenly blessings. Some famous Dragons:- Shirley Temple, Salvador Dali, John Lennon, Pearl S. Buck, Sandra Bullock and Ringo Starr.

Interest and success with Aromatic Kinesiology continues to grow and I am looking forward to The Path of Beauty which is our first workshop of the year in Melbourne - currently there are still 2 places available. The workshop offers an empowering way  to set your intention in motion for the year ahead. Let 2012 be the year where your heart-light truly shines. Your heart:light and bright!

Blossoming The Heart in 2012


For me it is about beauty. I adore creating it and then sharing it with others. Knowing beauty can be a great healer. To draw beauty into our lives through all of our senses can heighten and deepen our awareness of how to influence our physical health, our state of mind and our connection to spirit. Beauty affects us every time and it truly influences the way our heart resonates with our living.

While the beginning of a year is often the time to reflect on how we want our coming year to unfold sometimes creating that list of would be achievements can be overwhelming. So what about just one word that you can live by throughout the year. Just as a compass is always pointing north, think of your word as a way of keeping you on track.

My word for this year is 'creation', for Jim it is 'competence'. I see my word touching into many areas of my life and it resonates so deeply within me.

When pondering about your word, imagine you are a beautifully constructed perfume with a delightful balance of top, middle and base notes - an aromatic symphony of your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Why not ask a good friend these three questions to help you in the quest for finding your word:-

Enjoy discovering and living through your word in 2012!

Provence Wellbeing and Skin Care Retreat - An Interview

Recently I interviewed Julie Foster, Bowen Therapy Practitioner and Reflexologist from Perth Australia about her experience of attending the skincare retreat a few years back.

It was so satisfying listening to Julie's insights and all that she loved about what we created during this wonderful week. I have to keep reminding myself that the Provence Aromatherapy Retreat was where it all began for Aroma Tours. Some might say that we were right for the time. From a gracious seed came an idea that has continued to blossom and grow. Twenty years on, we have a thriving business we operate together which is also connected to my clinical practice and various seminars. I am grateful everyday that we can live from our passion.

You too can live from your passion. You simply have to begin with an idea, find your niche and launch yourself out into the wider world. There is a quality of beauty that arises from being aligned with your true potential. A change of scenery has the power to change your inner landscape. Remember that one person can make all the difference........and that person is you.

"I attended the Aromatherapy Skincare and Wellbeing Retreat in Provence in July 2010. It was such an awesome experience that I went on to enjoy the magnificent Bali Women's Retreat in September 2011.

As a health practitioner I have always been interested in natural skin care and sourcing useful and practical information to pass on to my clients. You can dramatically improve your wellbeing by the products you choose to put on your skin, by the nutrition you choose to put into your body and the environment you choose to live in. This retreat furthered my knowledge and gave me tools to make positive changes in my own life. The retreat enhanced my wellbeing tenfold and got my skin glowing like never before.


The Retreat took place in the heart of Provence, the home of many essential oils. This idyllic region arouses all your senses with its beauty, food, culture and fields upon fields of lavender. Just ‘being’ in Provence improved my sense of wellbeing.


The training was comprehensive. I gained a huge insight into the emotional and holistic healing properties of essential oils, as well as naturopathy, kinesiology and other healing modalities. I came away with wellbeing tools that will last me a lifetime. And it was not just theory based; there was so much hands on fun and we all created beautiful products to take home. During the retreat I experienced aromatherapy from field to bottle, with visits to master Provencale distillers, boutique essential oil producers and local growers. There were numerous skin care treatment protocols outlined and I have implemented  many of these in my natural therapy practice with great success.


I was looking for inspiration and the Retreat’s panel of speakers Robbi Zeck, Megan Larsen and Mindy Green certainly had that - 100 years of combined knowledge between them!

Robbi Zeck, kinesiologist, naturopath, councellor and author, has spent the last 30 years inspiring and assisting people in enhancing the quality and substance of their lives. Her approach was extremely nurturing and highly empowering. ( Thank you Julie! )

Megan Larsen, founder of Sodashi, known for its high performance chemical-free skin care, shared her unique knowledge of Ayurveda, aromatherapy and naturopathy. Combined with her passion for health and wellness it was contagious enthusiasm from the moment she began speaking.

Mindy Green, inspiring teacher, internationally acclaimed author and former essential oil researcher for Aveda, provided a wealth of knowledge of integrated aromatherapy, herbal medicine with an emphasis on holistic skin care and wellbeing.


Robbi and her partner Jim Llewellyn know Provence intimately and are loved by the locals wherever they go - they were absolutely the perfect hosts. It was a delight to be welcomed with such genuine warmth wherever we went. Throughout the retreat I felt nurtured at every level.


Such a wonderful connection was created between the participants in such a short space of time. The retreat attracted people from around the world. Along with aromatherapists and therapists of various other modalities, some people who attended were simply there to enhance their own wellbeing and learn how to nurture and take care of themselves more effectively.

Grand Finale

This was an exceptional and delightful week of learning and experience immersed in the history, culture, lavender and sunflower fields, beauty and graciousness of Provence. It reminded me that we need to stay connected to the things that bring us energy. Everyday! The retreat enriched my life in so many ways. I loved every minute of it!"

Retreat 2012

 We are looking forward to another exceptional retreat this year and we are delighted to share with you that all attendees will receive a gorgeous Sodashi Skin Care Travel Kit – a complete skin care ritual for beautiful skin, valued at AUD$270.  A blissfully, pampering beginning to our glorious week in sunny Provence. Thank you to Megan Larsen for this wonderfully generous gesture.

Current Schedule of Workshops for 2012

Our workshop series focuses on coming home to the truth and beauty that lives inside of you.

The Blossoming Heart series is widely loved and appreciated as it gently allows people to move beyond fears and doubts, clearing away what arises up from the subconscious so that indeed hearts truly blossom. It naturally follows that if our own light is shining brightly that it gives others permission to do the same.

You may know someone whom you feel would have an affinity this work. While many therapists and students attend the programs you don't have to be a therapist to attend the Aromatic Kinesiology workshop series.

You will leave each workshop with your heart full, feeling connected, peaceful and quietly confident with a set of unique and elegant skills to use out in the wider world. Your heart - light and bright!

One Day Workshops in Dublin

What Others are Saying About This Work



"Thank you for the opportunity to have experienced your profound teachings in the AK workshops and to have shared the 'love, grace and gratitude' with yourself and others. The love you have shared through this work has offered me such an amazing depth of personal reflection, growth and ongoing healing. The insights have been many and I know there is so much more to unfold and reveal.  It was a joy to complete the AK 1, 2 & 3 assignments and I look forward to exploring this work further and sharing the knowledge with my friends, my family and my clients."
  ~ Kerry Scott Golfing Coach & Aromatic Kinesiologist Canberra

"I always love receiving your newsletters.Yesterday I was working with a new client - realising yet again how powerful your work is. I use the oils every day in each consultation as a part of what I do. It never ceases to amaze me (or probably even more importantly the clients) how accurate and useful the oils are. Thank you for sharing your open heart and grace with all you do."
  ~ Pam Sussman Kinesiology Practitioner & Trainer Sydney Australia

"Words cannot explain the deep gratitude I have for the illumination and transformation received at your AK workshop. It has really helped me to move forward in my work & my life. The insightful gifts that you have brought to the world are priceless. Also, your ability to share your knowledge, experience and wisdom with the group in such a gentle, caring way is very special. I always believed that kinesiology should be simple and profound - you have achieved that."
  ~ Maree Kendall Aromatherapist & Meditation Teacher Sydney

"Your Blossoming Heart workshop was a wonderful experience for me. I was so touched and moved by this work. I really want to thank you for your teaching. You helped me to find my life direction and keep me moving forward. I cherish what you have brought to me and trust that we will share this beautiful knowledge with more and more people in China."
  ~ Xingyan Ren Spa Owner Zhu Hai China

"I attended the Aromatic Kinesiology workshop in Tampa and it far surpassed anything I may have anticipated. Thank you so very much Robbi for sharing your wealth of knowledge & spirit with such generosity & charm. I had wavered about attending but I am so pleased that I did not deprive myself of such a powerful weekend. It was a transformative experience for myself and, I witnessed the same in other people too."
  ~ Anthony Dennett Massage Therapist Tampa Florida USA

The Whirling Dervishes of Turkey

Persian philosopher, mystic, and poet Jalal ad-Din Muhammed Rumi, whose followers and son founded the Sufi order, was born in 1207 in Afghanistan and came to Konya in central Turkey in 1228.

Mevlana, as he’s called, taught a version of Islam that emphasizes tolerance, patience, and attaining happiness through love, and the unification with God through constant movement that reflects the movement of the earth and the universe. The word “dervish” means “doorway to God,” and their ritual dance, called "Sema", literally means "the listening", and symbolizes a mystical journey of the soul and mind from which the dervish emerges as a better person.

The Whirling Dervishes played a vitally important part in the evolution of the Ottoman culture and were held in high regard by many of the Ottoman Sultans including Suleyman the Magnificent, who constructed a whirling hall for them as his gift. This hall stands next to Rumi’s mausoleum in Konya.

This final resting place of Rumi is a sight to behold – a richly decorated chamber with chandeliers, Arabic script on the walls and intricate mosaics inlaid with gold leaf – it never fails to move us with its beauty.

The influence of the Whirling Dervishes on classical poetry, calligraphy and the visual arts was profound but music was perhaps their greatest cultural achievement. Rumi and his followers wove music into their rituals as an article of faith and the meeting places of the dervishes consequently became academies of art, music and dance.

The Whirling Dervishes believe that the dance and the music ceremony represents a spiritual journey which leads them closer to God, so that they may love more fully and be of service to all. This journey is symbolized with the movements and their attire.

The ceremony of the Sema usually includes 12 musicians playing traditional Turkish instruments and 12 dancers. The performance begins with 3 or 4 pieces of music and is then followed by a 4 part whirling dance.

The rituals of the Sema are among the most exquisite ceremonies of spirituality and the whirling of the dervishes is an act of love for mankind and a drama of faith. It has a highly structured form within which the gentle turns become increasingly dynamic as the dervishes strive to achieve a trance-like state.

The music that accompanies the whirling from beginning to end is quite mesmerizing and the sounds are hauntingly beautiful. The chanting of poetry, the rhythmic rotation and the incessant music all create a synthesis which is said to induce a feeling of soaring ecstasy - a mystical flight of the soul.

One of the most memorable experiences of our Turkish Aromatic Odyssey occurs during our stay in Capadoccia. Our unique hotel is nestled in caves and we invite the dervishes to perform the Sema ritual for our group there. After dinner we sit on the roof top terrace, sipping Turkish tea and across a tiny ravine are caves beautifully lit with night lights, in which the dervishes perform their ritual dance. Firstly, the musicians dressed in black, playing a reed flute, a drum, and a one-string violin begin the ritual melodies that are somewhat dissonant and monotonous, yet hypnotizing in their intensity. Then the dervishes appear wearing white skirts covered with dark cloaks and brown, conical hats that symbolize tomb stones and the death of ego.

The entire ritual has four parts, and after bowing to each other, the dervishes begin their spiritual journey by starting to spin. They turn in ever-increasing speed, always from right to left. Their arms, which at first are folded over their chests, stretch out and the right hand points towards heaven and the left towards the earth. During the entire performance, nothing but the soft tapping of ever-faster spinning feet, the swish of billowing skirts, and the mesmerizing instruments waft across to the terrace.

This year following the performance, the Sheikh (master of the troupe), spent time with us so that we could ask questions about the dervishes and how they integrate the importance of their ritual into their day to day life. Our group was enthralled by this beautiful man who was a gentle, caring soul, highly educated and extremely gracious. He was clearly quite moved by our interest and proudly discussed the Sufi philosophy and the significance of the dance as a doorway to the divine.


My Invitation / Booking Information

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Thought For The Day

"Love is already in place, perhaps you can simply let love, love you."

 ~ Fragonia Essential Oil Reflection - Robbi Zeck


Love, grace and gratitude,



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