Robbi in Provence

Robbi Zeck’s life work has been dedicated to mastering and integrating an ever-growing array of the healing arts. Through her joyful and loving work as healer, teacher and tour leader, she has consistently opened the doors to new pathways leading to a vibrant, healthier life. Her presence and her teachings are now being recognized and sought after in settings around the world.

I first studied with Robbi in a near idyllic setting. As a holistic healer, I had travelled from the United States to the South of France in search of a deeper understanding of the healing potential of the essential oils. A small group of us gathered under the shade of ancient trees on the lovely grounds of a chateau once owned by the family of Nostradamus. The glorious white light of Provence heightened my sense of clarity and magic as we studied together. Here, I discovered the genius of Robbi’s work, which is to create a simple, reliable pathway in to a potentially very complex subject.

One of Robbi’s remarkable contributions is the pairing of the diagnostic tool of muscle testing with the healing power of aromatherapy. This simple technique provides a reliable indicator for all to use, to focus in, ever more finely on the particular need that is presenting in the moment, and the source of its remedy. This is an enormous gift for those who wish to work in the vast arena of the body-mind-spirit with all its potential complexities.

Another gift of her work, which is presented here, is the beautifully articulated descriptions of the essential oils. To read The Essential Oil Reflections is to realize that Robbi’s own connection to the essence of being, allows her to be the true voice for the divine, transformational qualities of the essential oils.

The Blossoming Heart is an inspirational gift that opens for all, a new dimension in healing.

  ~ Betty Caldwell, Holistic Healer, Columbia MA USA


Robbi's inspirational, ground-breaking book
"The Blossoming Heart - Aromatherapy for Healing and Transformation" has now acheived best seller status and has been translated into Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.

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