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Comments from Workshop Attendees

Aromatic Kinesiology is an exquisitely blended synergy of professionalism, love, light and fragrance in a precious base of muscle testing. As a chiropractor practicing Applied Kinesiology with passion, I was delighted and felt greatly enriched personally and professionally.
Dr Angela Brunstein - Barcelona Spain

An incredible journey of learning. We experienced challenges, love, compassion, laughter and gained very practical skills. I feel blessed to have taken part in Aromatic Kinesiology
Mary O'Meara - Melbourne Australia

I am so pleased to see that you will be conducting classes here in the USA as I so enjoyed the time that we spent on the Provence Aromatherapy Retreat last year. I wanted more, more, more! Thank you again for such a wonderful and enlightening trip.  Being able to meet so many delightful people from all over the world was warming to my heart.  I am looking forward to your book and your classes.
Ann Leonardt - Springfield USA

Thank you so much for what you have bought to us from within during Aromatic Kinesiology.
Sophie Dassy - Hong Kong

I used Aromatic Kinesiology with clients immediately after the workshop with excellent results. I feel like a door has been opened within me and I thank you so much for the beauty, the sensuality and the humour.
Kirsten Hocking - Perth Australia

Aromatic Kinesiology was delivered with a talent designed to take each of us forward in our life. It also enabled us to assist others in a very loving and non-confrontational way. As always with Robbi, everything in her workshops happens just the way it should.
Janet - Perth Australia

Thank you dear Robbi for a fabulous few days of learning and fun. The space you create is awesome. You truly are a master and we are blessed to be able to share with you.
Helen - Melbourne Australia

The overall presentation of Aromatic Kinesiology was an excellent balance between breadth of material and application of techniques. Above all I valued the spirit in which this workshop was presented
Robert Campbell - Melbourne Australia

Thank you for all your guidance and support. It was a wonderful experience for me to watch you work. I am hoping that with practice and patience I will be able to show the same kindness and attendance to my clients.
Wendy Pitt - Perth Australia

May I just say what a blessing it has been to do your course and see the beautiful example of how you work. You are an inspiration to me. God bless you.
Andrea Pinto - Melbourne Australia

Thank you so much for your beautiful course. Thanks to your inspirational teachings both essential oils and kinesiology have become an integral part of my daily wellbeing.
Ruta Kanape - Melbourne Australia

Since experiencing Aromatic Kinesiology my treatments have been greatly enhanced and consolidated through the refreshing style of this work. I highly recommend Aromatic Kinesiology
Jennifer Jefferies - Townsville Australia

Thank you for the most profound experience of my life to date. During Spirit in Practice I discovered a level of self-love and inner beauty I'd never even dreamed of. having. Every participant played a part in that discovery. Thank you for your part in creating such a safe and sacred space.
Janine - Massage Therapist

Spirit in Practice is one of the best seminars I have ever had the pleasure to attend. Robbi doesn't miss a trick! She comes from such a place of loving that each person feels special - even when the focus is on somebody else. Thank you.
Karyn - Naturopath and Bowen Therapist

Thank you for Spirit in Practice. The course wholly met and went beyond my expectations and included a wealth of information for me, both professionally and personally.
Lisa - Kinesiologist

I have attended many seminars and workshops over the years but none as unique and challenging as Spirit in Practice. Incorporating concepts of personal transformation and growth, with pragmatic methodology, I believe that anyone working with a modality that has healing as its' core, would benefit immensely from this seminar. Thank you Robbi, for your generosity, warmth and willingness to share all that you know.
Sylvia - Aromatherapist

Spirit in Practice was the best risk I have taken in years. Thank you Robbi.
Lisa - Social Worker

Thank you so much for Spirit in Practice. It was without a doubt the best course it has ever been my pleasure to attend. I happily sing it's praises at every opportunity.
Lyn - Kinesiologist and Trainer

This course has changed not only how I approach my work but many aspects of my personal life as well. Thank you.
Janette - Flower Essence Therapist

I had no idea what a 'treat' I was letting myself in for, by choosing to participate in Spirit in Practice. The content was very inspiring and not as dry as a practice management seminar could be. Thank you Robbi for leading me into the spirit of success and self-appreciation. I can only succeed with the tools you have given me. Thank you.
Louise - Feldenkrais and Kinesiology Practitioner

Spirit in Practice has allowed me to feel more confident and clear about my career direction. Please keep churning out the magic Robbi. Thank you.
Moi - Psychologist

Spirit in Practice with its' balanced approach to business management and self-discovery generates a vibrant enthusiasm, to get out there and indeed put spirit into practice.
Dr A.H. -Yoga Teacher and Kinesiologist

Spirit in Practice was fantastic!
Tiffany - Counsellor and Kinesiologist

It was a great joy to spend five days with you. Spirit in Practice is a course with real heart and spirit. Thank you for helping me to examine my relationships and work in such a loving, supportive and challenging environment.
Jenny - Kinesiologist

This course is a must for any aspiring practitioner.
Brett - Spiritual Healer and Kinesiologist

Spirit in Practice gave me so much. I was looking for another dimension, another depth and this course certainly challenged my mind-set around business practice. Thank you.
Pia Laura - Lomi Lomi Practitioner

Spirit in Practice is a great way of stepping into your business with clarity and excellence.
Rebecca - Kinesiologist

Spirit in Practice was a very professional, well-structured and clearly presented course. Robbi, your level of professionalism, focus and compassion made the experience a joy.
Jenni - Kinesiologist and Trainer

Spirit in Practice has had a tremendous impact on my personal, business and spiritual life, creating yet another shift in my consciousness, propelling me further along my sojourn on earth. I thank you for your incredibly detailed presentations, information and material and the ability to assist me to look at my weaknesses and transform them into strengths.
Carmen - Meditation Teacher and Kinesiologist

This course has opened my eyes, mind, heart and spirit. Also it taught me reflection, self-confidence and how to focus on setting my goals. The whole experience was wonderfully satisfying. Thank you Robbi.
Aron - Kinesiologist

Thank you for the beautiful experience of Spirit in Practice. I love the way you effect change in everyone through your work. The enormous shifts that you bring about so gently and in an environment of trust and safety is truly inspiring. I feel privileged to have been a part of this seminar. I see it as a process of deep transformation, rather than a simple practice management course.
Kylie - Kinesiologist

I found Spirit in Practice a rewarding, personal journey of self-discovery, where I could envisage a balanced approach to therapeutic practice and wellbeing, with like-minded people. Thank you for putting so much heart and passion into this work.
Roslyn - Kinesiologist

Spirit in Practice re-inforced the power of seeing the beauty in each person and showing my love.
Ingrid - Kinesiologist and Trainer

Spirit in Practice had a big impact on me. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and personally transforming course presented with honesty and integrity. It helped me to reconnect with my purpose for doing what I deeply want to do. Spirit in Practice prompted me to make some necessary changes in my life which have been extremely empowering. Thank you.
Gordon - Kinesiologist and Trainer

Spirit in Practice left me feeling completely satisfied. Thank you for a wonderfully open and honest seminar.
Robyn - Kinesiologist

Spirit in Practice taught me about unconditional positive regard for others and re-ignited my passion and commitment to my practice. Thank you.
Mary - Massage Therapist

Robbi, thank you for bringing this work to people. You are a beautiful and inspirational woman. I have come away, with a sense of purpose and a true knowing that I am heading in the right direction.
Joanne - Kinesiologist

Spirit in Practice challenged my ideas and pre-conceptions about the role of the therapist. It provided a wonderful platform for conducting my business with greater clarity and integrity. Thank you.
Moira - Kinesiologist and Trainer

Robbi's professionalism, coupled with a wonderful sense of humour and interaction with participants was an experience second to none. Thank you for a comprehensive and enlightening seminar.
Brigitte - Aromatherapist

This course was well and truly worthwhile and it had great relevance for me. The greatest benefit was the emphasis on knowing and healing the Self.
Bob - Spiritual Healer

Spirit in Practice was a tremendously empowering and broadening experience for me. It expanded my awareness of the areas I needed to focus on and clarify in my life and in my practice. Thank you for your heart.
Kaye - Massage Therapist, Counsellor and Flower Essence Educator.

With commensurate skill and love, Robbi guided us on an inner journey of reflection, insight and connection with our own spirit as well as connecting with others. Spirit in Practice is both instructional an inspirational. It should not be missed by anyone working in the healing arts.
Maureen - Kinesiologist

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